brands introduction


·the queen

creativity is cultivated in the world’s leading cultural hubs, such as losangeles, seoul, shanghai and other “global” cities. this cultivation ofcreation begins for us, with "the top photography design and researchcenter," assembled by the world's most famous photographers and designers.they gather inspiration from italy, france and other culturally renownedcountries before bringing their inspiration to the private custom photography studio --- thequeen, exclusively serving popular stars, senior politicians, and customersthat want the ultimate in luxury photography. what the queen can give to itscustomers is private, exclusiveand unique.

· artiz studio

kbs reported that artiz studio has had a huge global influence on thewedding photography industry and caused a wedding revolution in l.a, singaporeand shanghai. artiz is more pricier than most other brands but many new couplesstill rush to take their wedding photos at one of the many worldwide studios.artiz’s style is subtle yet meticulous, and people who appreciate fine portraitphotography and choose artiz for their photographs will be confident that theirown style will exude from the finished product. choose artiz studio to bringout your own individual fashion attitude in your portraits.

· miss luna

hailing from seoul, south korea, the florist miss luna oftenprovides floral arrangements in the weddings of korean politicians andcelebrities. all the guests are amazed by the wedding floriculture arrangementsof miss luna. so why did the flower scenes of miss luna comes into being aphotography studio? it was simply because miss luna was unable to find aphotography studio that could do justice to her backgrounds and designs when shootingwedding photos, so the beautiful floriculture focused backgrounds of miss lunastudio were created by herself.

· am+wonkyu

am+wonkyu has been committed toprovidinga satisfying wedding photography experience for every customer. whether it’sretro luxury style or modern fashion, am+wonkyualways endeavors to present its unique and expressive style. wonkyu is a youngbrand from chung-dam, an origin place of korean style fashion. it has five brancheswhich have shot for more than 100,000 couples in korea and operated10 different brands in 10 cities. now,wonkyu has become one of the most famous wedding photography brands in korea,and also has become the symbol of popular star’s wedding photography. the excellentteam consists of more than 100 master photographers and stylists and strives tocreate the ideal image.

· sophia

french boy brisbane and his childhoodsweetheartsophia had got engaged.however, with the outbreak of world war i, brisbane enlisted, so their marriagehas become indefinite. although the war was cruel and lasted for a long time,sophia believed that brisbane was still alive. she always imagined wearing awedding dress. so she made up her mind to handmade her own wedding dress. dayafter day, year after year, an unparalleled wedding dress emerged. she can’thelp to imagine wearing this wedding dress for thousands of times. she waitedfor a lifetime, but brisbane never came back. and their engagement becomes thelongest engagement. finally, this wedding dress was named as “sophia” to be onbehalf of their unbreakable and endless love.

· korea sum studio

brand concept: sumstudio focuses on the perfect integration of subject, set, and costume tocreate the most beautiful bride and groom. korea sum aims to record everytouching moment.

brand introduction: since itsinception in shanghai, sum has absorbed many korean elements: emphasizingkorea’s most flawless scenes, as well as a professional photographic alliance ofchina and south korea. korean exclusive "crystal makeup,” synchronizedwith modern korean fashion, korean custom album, high-end wedding dress, koreanluxurious cosmetics. in china, customers can experience pure korean style photographyand professional photography skills to create the most glamorous brides justlike the heroine of korean tv series. korea sum knows what you want.

· korean iwedding shooting photos in the trip

artiz studio’s high-end partnership brand-- "agreement traveliwedding" will allow you to enjoy an exquisitely luxurious honeymoon trip.there are global travel destinations and professional services provided by our foreignteam as well as accommodation in foreign luxury five-star hotels. agreementtravel iwedding is a unique experience. follow our lens and experience gangnamstyle in seoul and harbor style in busan, and enjoy a romantic holiday on jejuisland. more romantic travel destinations are available soon.


· palace de elysee

founded in 1987, the korean high-end palacede elysee was a private wedding design company that only served koreancelebrities and popular stars. the palace de elysee had 18 wedding halls inkorea at that time. currently, the palace de elysee brand has settled inshanghai at it’s first chinese location, located near the puxi worldexposition. at the base of the lupu bridge, it is the ideal location to enjoythe wide and beautiful river scenery. additionally, the quiet riversidelocation is very romantic thanks to the small amount of traffic despite itscity location; the environment is. all of these make the palace de elyseebecome the best and incredibly romantic place to hold your wedding ceremony.additionally, palace de elysee has 8 meters high splendid wedding hall withwarm colors and marble floors, a large dress gallery, and private lounges forbrides as well as grass that can be used for outside ceremonies. in its magnificentvilla, there are five large banquet halls, equipped with elevated stage, professionallighting and bose audio devices to ensure the best entertainment. with a transparentdome and river scenery background, the wedding hall next to huangpu river isthe best to record your beautiful life moments.

brand mission: provide the best wedding food in china, with palacede elysee executive chefs that have been trained overseas at the top culinaryschools. exquisite and luxurious, foods and a personalized service team makefor world-class weddings in the modern city of shanghai. we will provide exemplaryservice, a luxurious environment, and delicious food for you and your lovedones on your special day.

· galleria

we moved one of the world’s most romantic islands into a weddinghall in shanghai, and we call it galleria. we have created a tropical settingand island theme to bring a destination wedding location to the big city ofshanghai

in june of 2016, we updated the palace de elysee brand to a higherrank - galleria wedding hall has reoriented the brand and will bring newcouples a totally different and even higher-end wedding hall experience.with our “a-team” and even better service, galleria will adhere to its missionto create a more glamorous wedding hall where we hold the new couple’s mostsignificant ceremony in their life time and record their most beautifulmemories.


· forus baby

the famous prenatal health club in the usa has its china office inshanghai. in order to offer a brighter future for children, forus baby offers exclusivelycustomized health therapy plans for pregnant women. international service,domestic price and +99%rate of visa approval, deliver your child in the upscaleregion of arcadia, california with the help of our professional team of over200 members.


· touch baby

the korean style of shooting technique is to capture every momentthat reveals your child’s pure and nature smile. korean photographer cui yinshileads the photography team with many years of work experience and is legendaryat all kinds of portraits, but especially well known for infant to 12-year-old portraits.touch baby also provides an excellent and professionally trained guidance teamfor children.  a number of them have psychological counselor certificate andthey are familiar with child psychology. in order to ensure the best working conditions,touch baby staff regularly goes to south korea to learn the systematictraining. the clothing of touch baby is imported from south korea, which istotally handmade without any artificial additives.  korean clothing is designed to reflect theinnocence and natural style of children. touch baby studio on jiangsu road inshanghai not only provides outside shooting environment without interferencebut also provide exclusive shanghai artiz mini scene studio to give childrenmore free space for activities and capture every authentic moment. the friendlyphotographic scene and the natural and warm korean style shooting techniques givebabies extraordinary experience. in touch baby studio, we not only recordimages, but also create laughs and happiness.

· seoul baby

seoul baby studio is a korean babystudio with a full range of exclusive playgrounds, carousels and other scenes. wewillrecord happy moments andevery precious memory created when your children laugh and play. we are lookingforward to recordingthe mosttouching moments ofyour child!

· one kiss

the slogan of korea one kiss baby studio is “one baby, one kiss.” wethink that every child should have a complete childhood, while one kiss willkeep the most perfect memories for every child.

in 2016, one kiss set up 6-8 direct stores in shanghai. it is dedicatedto bringing the best portraits to customers in china. we provide the bestservice to every family. at one kiss we adhere to “one team, one baby” conceptto provide only exclusive service for the customer. at korea one kiss babystudio, we have a korean interior design team to make the best baby sets aswell as an exclusive playground to make sure the baby has fun during shooting. wehave professional korean photography and make-up team with nearly 10 years of photographyexperience. the imported  korean stylephotography scenes and technology will ensure you are satisfied with theportraits.

· korea blue studio

korea blue studio

· korea eyein baby

li goldin, the founder of korea eyein baby, has been aphotographer for 35 years. he has been the chairman of the korean photography team.he has studied and lectured about photography both at home and abroad for manyyears. in the late 1990s, li goldin went to mainland china to create his ownphotography career. in 1998, he started to study children's photography marketand created korea eyein baby at the same year. he devoted details of thebrand's operations in the years of deep accumulation in the field ofphotography. korea eyein baby orientated to create a new service in thehigh-end community of baby’s photography market and determined to become thefirst chinese baby photography brand.

the "yin" of korea eyein baby means “miao miao” inchinese, which means children. it means "eyein” in english andinterpreters as 'in the eyes'. that means "watching the baby's growth andcreating memories with the camera.”


· grace kelly

as the top south korean luxury dress customization brand,grace kelly is a wedding dress hall that integrates top fashion brands from allover the world in addition to its own high-end customized dresses, whoseleasing company was officially registered on september 1, 2011 in shanghai,.

brand story: named after grace kelly, princess of monaco,grace kelly wedding dress was the most luxurious wedding dress company infrance before it was acquired by a korean company in 1992. frequently appearingin the major fashion magazines, grace kelly has created its unshakabledistinguished position in the wedding design industry. grace kelly wasoriginated to honor the princess with a retro and luxurious style, and now anyonewho happens to look at a bride in a grace kelly gown will be amazed and can’thelp to stop to tare. numerous famous actresses have come to grace kelly tocustomize their perfect wedding dress and to enjoy the romantic feeling thatonly a princess can have.

· my dream wedding

mydream wedding, founded in 1987, in south korea korean the brand integrates verawang, la sposa and other international wedding dress brands. all the weddingdresses are designed by well-known international designers from places like parisand hong kong, who combine high fashion elements with modern aesthetics torefine the perfect wedding dress. our professional and exceptionalmanufacturers provide you the most fashionable and exquisite wedding dress for yourdream wedding. my dream wedding provides one-stop wedding dress service andprofessional consultation to make you feel like the perfect bride.

· bridal veil

the british queen victoria, got marriedin 1840, wore a china-made white dress with 18-inch white hemline. her body waswrapped in pure white: the noble wedding dress, decorated pearls, and jewels onher crown were nothing without the finishing touch of the silver veil. sincethen, victoria has become a symbol of fashion trends and the white dress has becometradition in weddings worldwide. however, many wedding dresses from china,india and vietnam are red, those colors means luck and auspice.

· la grace

as a korean well-knownbrand whose main business is dress rental and customization of wedding veilsand luxurious dresses, la grace is located in a western-style house in xuhuidistrict, shanghai,

la grace offersfashionable korean designer brands like vera wang, la sposa, it’s my party,etc.

brands story: the twodesigners grace and keren were born in korea, and met in chelsea college of artand design in london.

aftergraduating from warnborough college of art in 2001, gracebegan to customize suits and started her design career there. while at thattime, keren began to develop the field of flat thermoprint and embroidery aftergraduating from the art college of brandon university in 2000.

in 2004, they decided to combine their design skillsin different fields—grace’s wrinkled lace trim and keren’s rich imagination onfabric- to work together to build fashion brand la grace collection and thenlaunched the wedding dress series in korea in 2009. korean fashion weddingmedia concluded la grace on 21 weddingin a sentence “the beauty of the wedding dresses take our breath away”.

· top zio

founded in 1916, top zio served the aristocratic family and hassince experienced three generations of inheritance. designers focus on the personality,fashion and dignity of each man in the tailor made clothes since its inception.top zio pursues simplicity, modern fashion, and differentiation and aims tolead unique trends that build handsome men. that is the charm and personalityof top zio. in addition, zio was honored as “the top personalizedmenswear brand in korea” in noblian,which worked with stars such as rain, won bin, dennis, jang dong gun, and more.now it is the star brand in korean menswear market.

brand introductiona perfectcombination of modern fashion and classic nobility. top zio is charismatic andnever outdated, fashionable but not overstated.

· boss club

created by korean designer kim je hee, boss club focuses on koreanfabric of the highest quality since 1976. focusing on every detail, boss clubcultivates it’s wearers moral character. boss club pursues simple fashions andclean lines to make suave men.

brand introductionsince bossclub was founded, the design concepts of kim je hee continue to be realizedthrough explorations on suits. the perfect combination of high-end fabrics andtailoring as well as design continue to make boss club #1. thanks to the highquality of boss club, customers don’t concern themselves with the price of thehigh-end customization service. thus, boss club has become the most popular store indongdaemun, korea.

· bride& you

brand story:  an air hostess named chanel was always flying betweencities because of her work. at the same time she was searching for her dreamwedding shoes for her forthcoming wedding. one day, she met eden in a handmadeshoes workshop in korea. although they just had brief communication, eden understoodwhat chanel wanted for her dream wedding shoes. surprisingly, eden got suchinspiration from her talks that she made the wedding shoes that. from then on,they became close friends and decided to open an exclusive wedding shoesworkshop—bride & you.

brand introduction: perfectwedding shoes bring a more delicate and intimate feeling of beauty for brides.bride & you, the only domestic wedding shoes brand, has provided shoes formany popular stars from shan yi in wonder girls, to kang so-ra, hu lan, andmore. designers create custom styles from select materials according to the weddingdress color and design. additionally, the quality wedding shoes are made withsilk ribbon, lace, pearls, swarovski crystals, and other ornate materials inorder to make more comfortable, delicate and beautiful wedding shoes.