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july 16 marked the satisfactory conclusion of song joong-ki asia fanmeeting 2016 in shanghai. a good friend of the korean actor portraying the heroin the hot teleplay “descendants of the sun,” chairman allen shi of the jiahaogroup rendered great support to the event and witnessed the great night withthe fans.

the crowded shanghai gymnasium

song joong-ki and fans

the shy song joong-ki

the shining “descendants of the sun”

a handsome and humorous elite of the overseasspecial forces, a professional and skilled female surgeon, a love story in thewar-torn area…if you haven’t seen the “descendants of the sun,” then you areout! attracting 440 million views, the show is unstoppable. song joong-ki, thekorean actor starring the hero has become the third choice of national husbandafter lee min-ho and kim soo-hyun.

song joong-ki in the “descendants of the sun”

sensational fan meeting

as song joong-ki set foot on the stage, thefans began to scream! it was a fan meeting with no disappointment! thefascinating q&a section, guest appearance of kim jong-kook and sweetinteraction made the fans hysterically excited.

song joong-ki interacted with kim jong-kook

at the final letter-reading section, songjoong-ki shed tears at touching moments and the fans choked with sobs. forthose who had followed the show in the past six months, it was the best nightever.

song joong-ki shed tears


the 1980s-born and the 1990s-born stood together

we would like to extend our thanks to songjoong-ki and congratulations to the satisfactory conclusion of his shanghai fanmeeting. this is the third korean superstar invited by the jiahao group afterrain and psy.

podium pass of co-organizer’s guests

song joong-ki and chairman allen shi of the jiahao group

it’s amazing to know that such a good-looking actor like song joong-ki canbe such a good singer! he is so earnest, hard working and cute, which isconsistent with the philosophy of working earnestly, quality first and serviceforemost of the jiahao group.

our win-win partnership with the hottestkorean stars has promoted chinese and korean cultural exchanges, and given thefans an opportunity to see their idols up close. we look forward to morecooperation opportunities at the annual meeting of the jiahao group this year!

pick me!

it’s understood that the annual meeting of the jiahaogroup at the end of this year will be joined by ten most popular superstars toreview the year of 2016. this announcement has drawn much attention of the industryand raised the high expectations of the couples to be married.