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in july 2016, the much anticipated q2 bonuswine party of the jiahao group was held in the magnificent palace de elysée.

the resplendent chandeliers in the versailleshall seemed distinctively elegant in the light music. the exquisite andpalatable afternoon tea breaks and blue cocktails were physically and mentallyrelaxing. with a cocktail in their hands, the employees of the jiahao group informal dresses chatted with their coworkers softly and gave applauses to thoseon the stage. the applauses, laughter and clink of wine glasses made a symphonyof a gorgeous life.

on the table in the center of the stage werepiles of cash. it was the bonus of shareholders and revenue of those on stageand returns of hard work.

it only takes 8 years for the jiahao group togrown from a small photography studio to a wedding industry giant. what havehelped the jiahao group achieve its leadership today?

1990s-born shareholders mentored by supervisors  

  there were several 1990s-born shareholders at thebonus wine party, including song jie from the marketing department. sherevealed that the jiahao group was her first company after college graduation. lackof experience, she only had a general idea about business planning and had noidea how to roll out a business plan. thanks to the mentoring of her immediatesupervisor who shared and passed on the successful business planning experienceand her hard work, she quickly grew in the learning atmosphere and sharingspirit. after 2 years, she could work with great facility and was promoted as asupervisor for her experience. on the basis of her performance, the group hasgiven her multiple raises and launched the partnership system to make her ashareholder.

as an industry breaker, the jiahao group gives equal opportunities to eachnew recruit and pays little attention to the seniority of employees. as long asyou can seize learning opportunities under the mentoring of supervisors andstrive to improve yourselves, you will be the next shareholder!

mentoring is a key aspect of the group’s corporateculture. after a new employee joins the company, the supervisor will impart thecorporate culture and professional skills to him/her and allow him/her to avoiddetours; the supervisor will readily help new employees overcome unpredictableproblems at work; when new recruits are assigned to handle a project, thesupervisor will lead them until they can handle a project alone. such mentoringpractice frees the new recruits from worries of fitting in, and allows them todo more with more passion and grow more quickly.

a learning-oriented enterprise with chairman’s mentoring

as a learning-oriented enterprise, the jiahao group has created a stronglearning atmosphere from top to bottom. in addition to continuousrecommendations of great books, the group offers weekly management trainingprograms lectured by chairman allen shi. at the programs, the boss willselflessly share his successful experience and lead the middle and senior managementto common progress.  

 in consideration of the beneficial programs,department heads also arrange trainings for their respective department on aregular basis—training of financial department, training of e-commercedepartment and training of engineering department. these trainings boost thegroup’s confidence in always maintaining its leadership in the industry.

after joining the group, employees will find that what they learn is muchmore than what they give. some of the knowledge they learn from a wide range oftraining programs can prove to be immeasurably beneficial to each stage oflife. through these trainings, the group hopes to truly help employees improvethemselves and become an expert in their respective field.

chairman allen shi gave management lecture for the middle management

make ten years’ money in three years, get rich under “money culture”

the jiahao group offers remuneration 10% to30% higher than other companies of the same trade. such competitive pay is agood way to retain talents. for this, the group encourages “the employees tomake ten years’ money in three years.”

employees are given raises with theimprovement of their service capability. after 2 years of continuousoptimization, the partnership system of the group has been extended to themid-level executives from the top-level executives, expanding the number ofshareholders. in the future, the partnership system will be further extended tohigh-caliber employees to truly realize the dream of common wealth of allemployees.

the jiahao group is not only owned by theboss, but also by the employees. like the boss, employees hold shares of thegroup, whose opinions are important to the group.

“employees join the jiahao group to realizetheir dreams. as they realize their dreams, they fulfill my dreams and corporatedreams,” chairman allen shi said. how funny and magic!

if you want to work for yourselves and starta business, the jiahao group may be a better choice for you. to start abusiness, you will need funds, a daring spirit and a “business mentor” and youcan find everything you need in the jiahao group.