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on september 28 at 14:00, thejiahao group and the golden eagle international group entered into a cooperationagreement at the goldeneagle plaza, shanghai. this cross-industry partnership between a weddingindustry giant and a retail business pioneer is aimed at the internationaldevelopment of cooperative brands and growth of wedding service industry intoan international upscale service industry. with the accession of brands underthe jiahao group to the golden eagle plaza, these two industry tycoons areexpected to create infinite possibilities.

at the signing ceremony,chairman allen shi of the jiahao group and ceo su kai of golden eagleinternational group (china) made a speech respectively and witnessed thebeginning of the partnership. famous film star christy chung was invited to theribbon-cutting ceremony. the wedding photography show, wedding venue planningexhibition and upscale wedding show were ingeniously planned by artiz studiounder the jiahao group to highlight the event.

with a market size about 1trillion yuan, the chinese wedding market has so much to offer. in 2015, over12 million couples were married in china, spending over 76,000 yuan at theirwedding on average. the wedding dress, wedding photography, wedding service,wedding banquet and jewelry segments in the wedding market have gradually growninto a remarkable wedding industry chain. huge business opportunities are yetto be tapped. as a leader in the booming chinese wedding industry, the jiahaogroup has undertaken more responsibilities of industry exploration. thispartnership with golden eagle international group sets a perfect example forthe domestic wedding businesses.  

though an exploratory partnership, this allybetween wedding industry and commercial real estate is well-grounded. whilewedding themed stores attract a large number of potential customers to theshopping plaza, the various stores at the shopping plaza can provide targetconsumers with entertainment, recreational, food and shopping services. thiscross-industry partnership is an inevitable trend and a future developmentdirection.

in response to thehomogenization of physical shopping malls, this cross-industry ally will breakaway from the traditional business model and win the favor in the market with aunique wedding theme. in addition to integrated megamalls, theme-based andspecialized commercial real estate projects have better development prospects.

it’s understood that thewedding photography and dress brands under the jiahao group will open newlocations in the commercial centers of golden eagle international group inshanghai, nanjing, wuhu, xi’an, kunshan and kunming.

the wedding dress, jewelry,wedding reception and photography brands under the jiahao group will first opennew locations at the golden eagle plaza, shanghai to build image korea.

furthermore, the jiahao groupwill work with golden eagle international group to launch wedding real estateprojects and build one-stop wedding centers. the new business model integratingwedding ceremonial hall, reception hall and hotel will gradually grow thepopular segments. it’s believed that this groundbreaking in-depth partnershipwith commercial real estate corporation will become the most representativeevent in the chinese wedding industry in 2016.

about the jiahao group

headquartered in shanghai, thejiahao group is committed to developing global cultural industries. in theculture, education, photography, wedding dress, haute couture, jewelry,hospitality, film-television, network, finance and industrial real estateindustries, the jiahao group has invested in 30 upscale brands. with about 150subsidiaries, the group has an annual turnover of 10 billion yuan and isgradually forming an independent ecosystem of cultural industries. now thegroup has grown into an international integrated investment group. building a global presencesince 2010, the jiahao group has established 13 international branch officesand commercial centers in los angeles, seoul, pusan and jeju, shanghai, hongkong, taiwan, kuala lumpur and singapore. its asian pacific headquarters is onthe 61st floor of shanghai tower, asia’s tallest building. heavinginvestments have been made in cultural industry and industrial real estate,including the super five-star hotel palace de elyséewith a land area of 26 mu and a gross floor area of 13,000 m2 at thesouth bund, shanghai. the could e-commerce base has been founded in shanghaifor development of an internet platform, and the 1,000-employee internetindustrial park has been set up.

in terms of global presence,about 20 million u.s. dollars have been invested to establish a business centerwith a land area of 6,000 m2 in arcadia, los angeles; in incheon,the jiahao group has set up the korean branch with 18 million u.s. dollars, andinvested the korea ct-center. a school with a land area of 9,000 m2dedicated to the training of korean performing artists has been established andan activity and performance center with a storey height of 20 meters has beenbuilt. meanwhile, the jiahao group has become one of the few cultural industrypartners of korea tourism information. the business centers in singapore,malaysia and spain have become local investment benchmarks.

about golden eagleinternational

headquartered in nanjing,golden eagle international group aims to build international service brands,and specializes in quality commercial and real estate development and service,high fashion department store chain retail business, and large-scale commercialcirculation. with a business network in mainland china, taiwan, hong kong,korea and the u.s., golden eagle international group consists of golden eagleinternational retail group and golden eagle international real estate group.under the real estate group are subsidiaries in real estate, hostility,property management and contemporary art space. listed on the main board of thehong kong stock exchange in 20016, the retail group has established chainshopping malls, international trade companies, international automobilecompanies and golden eagle purchase e-commerce company. by the first half of2016, golden eagle international retail group had opened 29 chain stores with atotal business area of 1,770,000 m2, including 10 integratedlifestyle centers with an average business area of 104,000 m2.characteristic of large area, a diversified trade mix and powerful experience,these stores have been tailor-made for each city to meet consumer demands,build a differentiated image and strengthen its market leadership.

taking advantage of thebusiness framework of diversification and complementation, and scale operation,the group has developed an industry chain featuring close cooperation andresource sharing for rapid synergetic development. guided by a keen commercialawareness and advanced management ideas, the group has continuously enhancedits overall competitiveness and formed pioneering advantages in upscale realestate development, high fashion department store chain retail business, andlarge-scale commercial circulation. its rich experience in m&a, assetrestructuring and capital operation has brought great achievements. in linewith the principles of chinese market-oriented economy, the group has realizedcommon development via industrial resource sharing and strengthcomplementation, and blazed new trails in accelerating the location ofinternational capital and internationalization of chinese capital.  

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