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on september 28 at 14:00, thejiahao group and the golden eagle international group entered into acooperation agreement at the goldeneagle plaza, shanghai. this cross-industry partnership between a weddingindustry giant and a retail business pioneer is aimed at the internationaldevelopment of cooperative brands and growth of wedding service industry intoan international upscale service industry.

with the entry of brands underthe jiahao group to golden eagle plaza, these two industry tycoons are expected tocreate infinite possibilities.

at the signing ceremony, chairman allen shi ofthe jiahao group and ceo su kai of golden eagle international group (china)made a speech respectively and witnessed the beginning of the partnership.

famous film star christy chungwas invited to the ribbon-cutting ceremony. the wedding photography show, weddingvenue planning exhibition and upscale wedding show were ingeniously planned byartiz studio under the jiahao group to highlight the event.

with a market size about 1trillion yuan, the chinese wedding market has so much to offer. in 2015, over12 million couples were married in china, spending over 76,000 yuan at theirwedding on average. the wedding dress, wedding photography, wedding service,wedding banquet and jewelry segments in the wedding market have gradually growninto a remarkable wedding industry chain. huge business opportunities are yetto be tapped.

as a leader in the boomingchinese wedding industry, the jiahao group has undertaken more responsibilitiesof industry exploration. this partnership with golden eagle international groupsets a perfect example for the domestic wedding businesses.  

though an exploratorypartnership, this ally between wedding industry and commercial real estate iswell-grounded. while wedding themed stores attract a large number of potentialcustomers to the shopping plaza, the various stores at the shopping plaza canprovide target consumers with entertainment, recreational, food and shoppingservices. this cross-industry partnership is an inevitable trend and a futuredevelopment direction.    

in response to thehomogenization of physical shopping malls, this cross-industry ally will breakaway from the traditional business model and win the favor in the market with aunique wedding theme. in addition to integrated megamalls, theme-based andspecialized commercial real estate projects have better development prospects.

it’s understood that thewedding photography and dress brands under the jiahao group will open newlocations in the commercial centers of golden eagle international group inshanghai, nanjing, wuhu, xi’an, kunshan and kunming.

the wedding dress, jewelry,wedding reception and photography brands under the jiahao group will first opennew locations at the golden eagle plaza, shanghai to build image korea.

furthermore, the jiahao groupwill work with golden eagle international group to launch wedding real estateprojects and build one-stop wedding centers. the new business model integratingwedding ceremonial hall, reception hall and hotel will gradually grow thepopular segments.

it’s believed that thisgroundbreaking in-depth partnership with commercial real estate corporationwill become the most representative event in the chinese wedding industry in2016.

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