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the jiahao group’smomentous event of 2017

on january 5th, 2018, the jiahao group’s year-end gala dinner was held at galleria (china) art center. allen shi, who is the chairman of jiahao group, attended this grand ceremony with other senior corporate executives. the gala ceremony reviewed many significant events that occurred during 2017. the senior executives and representatives of the jiahao group were invited to the stage to deliver a speech for all the staff and vip’s.

the jiahao group’s chairman - allen shi

 during the annual year-end, allen shi, chairman of the jiahao group, acknowledged the great performance of the company’s staff over the past year and extended his good wishes for a happy new year. he hopes that the new year will bring an even better year, and everyone will strive to create a better future for all.

the event

allen shi, chairman of the jiahao group, began his speech with his own heartfelt inspirational personal experiences. he believes that "change" is an indispensable trait of individuals and the entire company. you need to adapt to the market, individual or corporate, it is crucial to keep up and even surpass the pace and progress of society. do to so is the jiahao group’s mission for 2018, we wish to go over and beyond. the jiahao group wishes to build upon its foundation and make innovative changes to advance the business and to continue to be a leader in the industry. in 2018, the jiahao group continue to advance the wedding and happiness industry and lead it to new heights.

the jiahao group’s ceo, ye di taking a group photo with winners.

the jiahao group’s cto,liang jihuan presenting awards to outstanding employees.

the jiahao group’s cfo,wang chuansuo distributing dividends to employees.

to reward the employees for their hard work over the past year, the jiahao group awarded 10 bronze shields and many fashion awards for employees who continually kept well groomed. the jiahao group also awarded special dividends to employees who have made significant contributions to the group over the past year. the above awards were presented by ceo ye di, cto liang jihuan, and cfo wang chuansuo. the awarding ceremony pushed the whole event towards the climax of the night.

after-dinner prize draw

the second climax of this ceremony came from the lucky draw after dinner. the jiahao group chairman allen shi specially prepared 100 iphone x to reward the staff’s hard work over the past year. the lucky draw brought the atmosphere to the highest point again and again by turns. the chairman allen shi even added another 5 iphone x to extend his appreciation to the audiences’ warm support. the jiahao group’s year-end gala came to an end in a cheering.