korean staff training of the jiaohao group -ag真人国际

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“we are thankful for being a member of jiahao!”

arriving at the airport in advance, ourcoworkers of the cultural center and interpreters waited for our korean staffreturning to shanghai with flowers and greetings.

greeters waited for the korean staff flying from all over china at theairport

two korean employees from shenzhen

two korean employees from shenzhen

manager of artiz studio wuhan and three korean employees arrived atshanghai hongqiao airport

lee dong-heon flying from beijing finally arrived in the early morning

the infectious hearty laughter

11 korean employees from beijing

to allow our korean employees to betterunderstand our corporate culture and get closer to our family, we organized abus tour on the morning of the 9th to visit characteristic landmarkbuildings in shanghai, including artiz, sum, e-commerce center and shanghaiheadquarters. the store employees greeted our korean employees warmly andguided their visit. the interpreters introduced the workflows of the stores indetail.

shanghai headquarters

about 60 korean employees visited artiz studio shanghai

our korean employees greeted everyone they met happily

our coworkers at artiz studio warmly received each korean employee andguided their visit

the interpreters detailedly explained the inspirations of each set

general manager chen lectured on jiahao’s corporate culture and thesimultaneous interpreters interpreted each sentence

all korean employees listened attentively

chairman allen shi sent his regards and extended his sincere welcome tothe korean employees

ceo zhang haiyan extended greetings and made a self introduction

after the training, chairman shi and ceozhang joined our korean employees for dinner. in the well-lit restaurant withmusic performance, there was food, wine and blessings.

chairman shi made a toast and an inspirational speech at each table

the “gangnam style” performed by our korean employees heated up the night

lee dong-heon sang an affectionate song and other korean employees sangalong

what the korean employees thought about this event

we come from a different country, but sharethe same bond. our korean employees are indispensible members of the jiahaogroup. hand in hand, we march towards the same goal!