q2 2015 celebration party of the jiahao group -ag真人国际

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the q2 2015 celebration party of the jiahaogroup was hosted at palace de elysée. divided into three parts—acting ceotakeover ceremony, champagne cocktail party and dinner party, the celebrationparty manifested the faith and dreams, success and glory of jiahao members! itwas the result of our hard work, and the source of our strength!

part 1 embrace the glory

venue: yacht club, palace de elysée

outstanding employees signed in before the meetingstarted

the celebration party was kicked off after the arrival of chairman shi

chairman shi made a summary of q2 2015, and released the major strategicplans for q3 2015

chairman shi introduced the nine new leaders and supervisors

the first acting ceo zhang haiyan takeover ceremony started

acting ceo zhang haiyan made a self introduction and an inspirationalspeech

acting ceo zhang haiyan presented the store manager certificate andoutstanding employee award

the leaders and supervisors listened to the speech attentively

part 2 continue the glory

venue: versailles hall, palace de elysée, champagne cocktail party

after the activities in the yacht club, allguests moved to the versailleshall to start the champagnecocktail party in the afternoon.

outstanding store managers yang mei and song linlin talked about how theygrew

chairman shi presented the certificate of appointment to and took a photowith the leaders and supervisors

rmb 2 billion is in the past. next we willmarch toward bigger goals.

led by chairman shi, the leaders andsupervisors slammed the responsibility hammer down.

part 3 ignite the night

dinner party  moonlit night/vienna

at the gracefully decorated venue, all guests enjoyed the wine and food inthe melodious music

a dream is a goal that keeps you going andmakes you happy. it’s a journey filled with pleasure, anger, sorrow and joy, anda blueprint you paint for yourself! indomitably, jiahao members are makingunremitting efforts for the dream that makes the world proud! we would like toextend our thanks to all those working hard and obscurely for jiahao! togetherlet’s ignite the dream of jiahao!