bonus distribution ceremony of the jiahao group -ag真人国际

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the elegant and stylish partners and koreanemployees in form wear of the jiahao group successively walked into theceremonial hall. amid the fascinating music, lighting and champagne, thepartners and distinguished employees received the bonuses from ceo zhanghaiyan. the bonus distribution ceremony was not only about bonus distribution,but also about the money culture of the jiahao group. the event allowed ourkorean employees to better understand our culture and exchange more with us. takingeach event seriously, we strive to care about each jiahao member as familymembers and give them prestigious five-star experience. chairman shi gave aninspirational speech. while extending his congratulations to the bonusreceivers, he shared his understanding of korean culture and showed how much hevalued korean employees who were touched and voiced their determination to workharder for the jiahao group.

we are one but we are a family!

the cozy reception desk andmessages of the attendees bore witness to the event

ceo zhang haiyan chaired the ceremony and gave out cash bonuses

chairman shi made a surprise appearance and gave an inspirational speech

attendees listened to allen shi’s speech attentively

zhai yun, general manager of jiayi group

yang kil-hwan, general manger of korea division

xi junfeng, general manager of palace de elysée p1

wang chuansuo, general manager of financial department

yang mei, manager of artiz studio nanjing

li kechun, general manager of procurement department

zhou qinlin, general manager of audit department

zhang yinshi, manager of touch baby pudong

shi qi, manager of financial department

shi shengwei, manager of am nanjing

zhao chun, operations manager of hanshang group

wang fei, manager of artiz studio guangzhou

chen min, manager of artiz studio wuhan

bao ruiyao, manager of artiz studio shenzhen

james zheng, manager of artiz studio hangzhou

kelly, manager of gk shanghai

liu rui, general manager of hanshang group

lee dong-heon, korean cto of north china

korean cto kim young-seon

korean cto kim jae-uk

partners and distinguished employees receivedthe bonuses went up on stage to receive bonuses

korean employees gave a speech withexcitement after receiving bonuses  

they extended their thanks to the jiahaogroup and other korean employees

dinner party of partners/korean employees

the cozy yet stylish dinner party hall

the exotic three-man band gave an intoxicatingperformance

chairman shi and ceo zhang presented awards to lee dong-heon and park gyeong-sook

lee dong-heon and park gyeong-sook weresurprised and touched

they told how much they put in their work

they extended their thanks to the group forits recognition, encouragement and praise

and undertook to work harder and set anexample for the korean employees!

after watching the video of them working,

chairman shi decided to offer them stockoptions!

it was the biggest surprise of the night!

holiday gifts were prepared in advance

for our korean employees coming afar

these chinese characteristic gifts

represented a token of thanks, and ancultural exchange and fusion

the cultural department had been working allnight for this event. we were delighted to see the satisfaction in everyone’seyes and to hear the acknowledgement of our hard work. the event came to an endin laughter and joy. reluctantly our korean employees started their journeyback home. growing attached to the coworkers within two days, they weredelighted and happy to have a warm family in shanghai, and looked forward tothe next get-together.

now let’s say goodbye and meet again someday!