the jiahao group and woosong university entered into a cooperation agreement of movie and photograph -ag真人国际

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on november 21, 2015, the delegation of thejiahao group visited and signed a cooperation agreement with woosong university.the delegation, including mr. chen kuanzhou of the cultural center andassistant to chairman ms. xi yuehua, was warmly received by president johnendicott, vice president kam seo-won and ms. ning cuiying from theinternational office.

the talk featured in-depth mutual understandingto map out feasible cooperation plans. mr. chen kuanzhou introduced the jiahaoacademy under the jiahao group and its involvement in the 2+2 double-degreetraining program. ms. xi yuehua gave an introduction to the cultural center ofthe jiahao group and its programs and external cooperation.

woosong university was rated as one of korea’stop 10 universities of youth’s dreams in 2013. the jiahao group and woosonguniversity explored how to provide further education opportunities to movie andphotography personnel, and advance chinese and korean cultural exchanges on thebasis of visiting scholars. the outlook on future more extensive internationalcooperation was also discussed.