global branding strategy of artiz studio of the jiahao group unfolded -ag真人国际

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recently almost everyone entering and exiting klia andincheon airport was drawn to the 36 giant billboards reading: the leader ofglobal wedding photography fashion and the world spotlight—artiz studio!

billboards at the incheon airport

billboards at the incheon airport

this familiar sight may remind thosefollowing artiz studio of the sensational appearance of artiz studio at the pavilion,malaysia as a designated wedding photography brand of the korean culturecenter, malaysia this march.

the pavilion, malaysia

after six years of investments by the jiahaogroup, the leading korean wedding photography brand artiz studio has risen tothe top and undertook the responsibility of an upscale wedding photographyleader to allow the world to understand, focus on and fall for “happinessglobalization.”

classic series of artiz studio

for the past six years, artiz studio hasgrown with the attention of tens of thousands of couples, and dozens of mediaagencies across the world. no wedding photography brand can be compared withartiz studio in respect of such “special treatment,” from which we can see whatan important role it plays in the industry. artiz studio represents not onlythe changes of the wedding photography market, but also the trust of marryingcouples in the brand.