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allen shi, a shanghai nativeborn in june 1980, is a member of the communist part of china and a master’sdegree holder of the east china university of science and technology. thisentrepreneur, angel investor and founder of wedding whole industry chain modelis founder of the jiahao group, and one of representative modern shanghaimerchants. creating a legend from 0 to 10 billion yuan within 6 years, he isreputed as the industry breaker and business wizard.


born into a poor family, allenshi finished school with loans and college scholarships. the hardships in lifehave given him a gift distinctive from his peers. he has always tried hardersince his childhood. as others complain about the insufferable pain in life, heshows extraordinary tolerance, which has laid a good foundation for his businessstartup in the future.

work experience

after college graduation, hewas first assigned to work at the xinhua bookstore. within a year he had readalmost all books on management in relation to finance, performance andorganizational system.

his second job was thedepartment head of a taiwan-based photography studio. he successfully helpedthe studio transform traditional management with no computers to full digitalmanagement within three months. the transformation at least boosted the studio’sprofit by 10%. one year later, he applied for the job of vice president of thestudio. he had the idea of promoting and running the studio via bbs, andintroducing the new operating model of online reservation and payment. however,his boss refuted his idea for lack of experience and “ungratefulness.”therefore, he chose to leave the studio.

business start-up

soon after his resignation, hepartnered up with a photographer friend to open a photography studio in a 20-m2store with 50,000 yuan. at first, he spent most of his time learningphotography, post-production, makeup and styling. a major in computer science,he quickly started network marketing from bbs to group purchase. his greatvision and marketing strategy generated a turnover of 1 million yuan in a fewmonths. by 2011, the studio had a turnover of 10 million yuan.

when the studio was on therise, allen shi and his partner had differences in business operation. whileallen shi aspired to build a bigger business, his partner valued profit more.hence, allen shi chose to give up what they had created and withdraw from thepartnership.

starting from scratch, he soldhis house and raised money to continue his investment in the weddingphotography market he believed in. proficient in english and korean and good atcapital operation, he soon founded the jiahao group.

around 2013, allen shi startedto roll out his whole industry chain strategy, expanding the business towedding club & hotel, resort and industrial investment. to keep up withcorporate development, he has never stopped learning: lack of financialknowledge, he has learned everything about financial management; to manage thekitchen, he has obtained the second-grade chef certificate; to build hotels, hehas studied engineering supervision at a technical school. therefore, he is reputed as the industrybreaker and business wizard.

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