the jiahao group built presence in new york, buffalo mayor met with chairman allen shi -ag真人国际

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the jiahao group has chosen buffalo, state ofnew york on the bank of for niagara falls its latest tourism real estateproject. on may 23, buffalo mayor byron brown met with chairman allen shi forin-depth discussions on our investment.

chairman allen shi and buffalo mayor byron brown in front of the city hall

they had a delightful talk. mayor byron brown pointed out that the worldis impressed by china’s economic rise, and he would do whatever he can to helpwith the investment of the jiahao group in the u.s.

buffalo mayor byron brown

buffalo is the second largest city in the stateof new york, only second to the new york city. the u.s. section of niagarafalls—the world’s largest transnational falls is right here in buffalo. on theniagara river in the border line of canada and the u.s., niagara falls form asthe niagara river heads north towards the ontario. the water falls abruptly onthe faults. it’s magnificent and marvelous.

niagara falls

with such breathtaking views, the niagarafalls draws a large number of visitors every year. as a landmark sight, it’s amust-visit destination for tourists to the u.s. the charming tales and praisesby noted writers have given the niagara falls a sense of mystery.

winter sight of niagara falls

committed to developing global culturalindustries, the jiahao group has taken the latest step in the tourist realestate project of buffalo on the bank of niagara falls.

bird’s-eye view of buffalo

after the mysterious and picturesque buffaloand the breathtakingly distinctive niagara, the jiahao group will continue itssearch for beautiful views. if you are also on a search for beauty, join us andwait for many more to come…