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on the afternoon of july 21, the jiahao groupwas saddened by the news that supervisor huang haijun of engineering departmentsuffered from meningitis and brain stem infection caused by viral influenza. withhis hearing and vision nearly lost, the hospital had sent the notice ofcritical illness for immediate craniotomy.

a fundraising was in due course! within 24hours, the funds from each department had been transferred to the wechataccount of cfo. each donator wished their act of kindness could help huanghaijun pull through.

family only a high-speed train ride away

at 9:00 a.m. on the 23rd, generalmanager of engineering department, director of hr department and i arrived athongqiao railway station to take the first high-speed train to wuhan that day. carryingrmb 123,303.2 raised from 40 cities across china and the wish of chairman allenshi, we set out for tongji hospital, wuhan.

arriving at the hospital at dusk, we were heartbrokento see the family members of huang haijun guarding the door of the icu. the70-year-old mother was on the edge of breakdown. the older son, a junior schoolfreshman, had tears and fear in his eyes. holding an 8-month-old child in herarms, the wife was helpless.  

family members of huang haijun burst into tears asthey received the donations

they whispered in his ear that the headquartersrepresentatives came to see him

in a coma for days, huang haijun miraculously regained consciousness

general manager tang of engineeringdepartment handed over the donations from our employees. telling them not to beworried or afraid, he said that every member of the headquarters would give ahand. at the sight of the donations, the old mother and wife couldn’t help butburst into tears.

all the money was given to huang haijun’s family before we left thehospital

family culture supported every familymember in distress

we strive to help every jiahao member in needto overcome difficulties in life. such family culture has taken root in everyjiahao member. therefore, the funds can be raised within 24 hours. this is the corporateculture of jiahao: you are at home when you are with the jiahao group, and youdon’t have to worry about anything that you can’t handle.

hr director extended his regards to huang haijun’s family

“don’t worry about money. we will have enoughmoney! all employees will support you until you are discharged from thehospital.” as the hr director read out the letter from chairman allen shi,everyone’s eyes were wet. it was a message to every jiahao member: the familyof huang haijun is our family and everything will be alright.

always guard against sunstroke at work

the three months from july to september everyyear are the epidemical season of viral encephalitis. the high temperaturefacilitates the breeding of viruses. a busy work schedule and irregular resthours will lower the immunity of the body, under which the viruses will attack.

the early symptoms of f viral encephalitisare often mistaken as the symptoms of a cold. in case of experiencing symptomsat the upper respiratory tract or digestive tract, guard against symptoms of thenervous system like vomiting, headache, blurred vision, drowsiness and lowspirits.