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founder and chairman allen shi of the jiahao group gave aspeech

dear jiahao family members,

it’s time to celebrate another new year! forthe annual meeting this year, i cancelled all employee performances because iknew you all work very hard. my heart broke every time i saw you rehearsingyour performances after work all the way to midnight! so i decided to get thebest stars to perform for all of our employees! i asked whether you were happyabout the annual meeting, and i was much relaxed after i heard about youranswers! all of you being happy and satisfied after one year of hard work iswhat i can best hope for!  

now i want to talk about jiahao’s values.jiahao has a remuneration structure different from many companies. “we onlywant outstanding employees.” (please note that) many of our employees joiningthe group less than two years ago have an annual pay of 1 million yuan now. youhave a bmw the group gave you and i am happy for you. i also notice that manybronze shield and medal winners are the lowest-level employees. you will havemore resources from the group. as long as you continue to work hard, i promiseyou that you will rise in a near future!

jiahao is a platform. if you are excellentand outstanding enough, you can utilize all of our resources and quicklyrealize your goals. but goals are not dreams. you have to be pragmatic tosurvive. you can’t make it by simply relying on jiahao. you have to bepragmatic and do a good job every day.  

awarding at the 2016 annual meeting of the jiahao group

the bonuses and cars are recognition of yourwork yesterday and expectation of your work tomorrow. bonuses are not benefits.they are earned with hard work. not everyone has bonuses or has the samebonuses. not part of your pay, bonuses represent that you are better than thosearound you and who you were last year by your hard work.


this year i hope to put in place a more transparentbonus system. i want all of you to know how the bonuses are calculated, whatplace you rank in the department and the group, why others have more or lessthan you do, and how to work hard and earn more.

the year of 2015 has been a complicated year.we have made delightful achievements, including the hilton hotel project in theu.s., the establishment of maternal and child care business division, the cpcproject, and the 72 branch companies in 35 cities across the world…we have transformedfrom a “large and specialized group” to a “large and integrated group.” thisyear i felt from the bottom of my heart the awe and excitement on the eve of anew revolution…

as we can see from the financial statements, the yearof 2015 has been the best year for the group in respect of various indicators. wehave achieved a peak in current businesses, made continuous breakthroughs innew fields, and built many excellent, diligent and innovative teams.

if i am asked to talk about the threeprojects i am most proud of in 2015, they have to be the following three.

1. the establishment of los angeles branchcompany. what we do in the u.s. is much more than opening a hotel. with theglobal internet+ idea, we have built an international e-commerce team to putour global strategy in motion. our los angeles branch company will serve as anoperating center of our global business division. now we won’t lose theinternational markets for inability to opening up facebook and otherinternational platforms and channels, or lose business opportunities foruntimely international money transfer.

the los angelesbranch company building of the jiahao group

thestrategic agreement concluded with woosong university. i undertook to set up atraining fund with 1% of our profit. let jiahao change your life from this dayon. let jiahao fulfill your dream of studying abroad. trainees sent to koreathis year can obtain acc certificate (widely recognized with oversight by u.s.teachers) and the course completion certificate of woosong university. togetherwith the experience studying abroad, you have made a fundamental change to yourlife. what you learn will become part of your skill set. you will have agreatly increased skill set or future income. you will have a bright future.

first batch of trainees sent to korea at the incheon airport

3. the establishment of the jiahao group trainingcenter! every employee of jiahao has a well-defined career path, and has opportunitiesto win jiahao scholarship with sand map drill. “as long as you are ready tolearn, we will share the results with you; as long as you are up for it, wewill give you entrepreneurial opportunities; as long as you are outstanding,you will be the boss of jiahao.” we aim to realize the business dreams of alljiahao employees!

brand managers across china at sand map drill

the above three projects represent the spirit andculture of jiahao, and set the benchmark for millionaire employees this i said, talents are the most valuable and a third-rate pay can’t retainfirst-rate talents. there is a difference between talents and talents anenterprise needs. the talents an enterprise needs must share the same values ofthe enterprise and acknowledge the corporate culture (this is veryimportant).  

today jiahao is ready to embrace thechallenges. and we will never belittle the every-changing age. for the possiblenegligence and stagnation of any of us, we must walk on the thin ice andcomplete every task with flying colors.

never envy what others achieve today. do agood job. we don’t care about you have come to jiahao on a crowded coach, ablue train or an electromobile. this is a fair world. speak with your competency.this is the jiahao group. this is the new continent…

chairman allen shi and the executives unveiled the 2016 targets

as the new year 2016 rings in, i sent mydearest regards to our parents and relatives. promise me that you willsafeguard our “family system” and spend money! in 2016, we will rise! reassurethem that we will become the source of aristocracy!