psy releases his new song in asia at the annual meeting of the jiahao group -ag真人国际

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the infectious and magic melody of “gangnam style” and the simple horsebackriding dance electrified the annual meeting of the jiahao group.


on january 26, 2016, superstars gathered in the palace de elysée on 801 jumen road, shanghai. the jiahao group received video messagesfrom rain, ahn jae-wook, mr. and mrs. lu yi, li xiaolu and other chinese andkorean artists. some even attended the annual meeting and spent a memorablenight with jiahao employees. what’s most exciting was the performance of psywhose song was praised by ban ki-moon to “bring a powerful force for the peaceof the world.”  

the handsome psy

within twenty minutes, psy started his firstasian concert in 2016. the new hot dance song “daddy” put the audiences in themood. hearing the rhythm of the globally famous gangnam style,” the audiences screamed with greatexcitement. the interactions of psy won thundering applauses. withextraordinary control of stage, this superstar built up the heat and allowedthe audiences to sink into the brainwashing rhythm.

psy danced and sang on the stage

psy interacted with the audiences

personally invited to the annual meeting byhis good friend chairman allen shi, psy knew many of the brands invested by thejiahao group! headquartered in shanghai, the jiahao group is committed todeveloping global cultural industries. in the culture, education, photography,wedding dress, haute couture, jewelry, hospitality, film-television, network,finance and industrial real estate industries, the jiahao group has invested in30 upscale brands. with about 150 subsidiaries, the group has an annualturnover of 10 billion yuan and is gradually forming an independent ecosystemof cultural industries. now the group has grown into an internationalintegrated investment group.

mr. and mrs. allen shi and psy

all good things must come to an end! atthe end of psy’s world-class performance, we would like to extend our sincerethanks to psy for his presence at the annual meeting of the jiahao group andfor such a wonderful night!