if possible, let me crown you royalty—an exclusive interview with the founder of the queen -ag真人国际

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with an elegant and dignified photographystyle, paul kim founded korea the queen studio to make every bride-to-be thequeen of the groom-to-be.

a photography dream from childhood

born in seoul in 1974, paul kim has developeda keen interest in photography since childhood under the influence of hisgrandfather. he often made a circle with his hands and pretended it to be acamera to take photos for his eyeglasses-wearing classmate and his youngersister with braids (it was the happiest time of paul kim). from then on, hedreamed about becoming a photographer. such passion to photography urged him tospend all his allowances on improving his photography skills. after highschool, he chose to study in myongji college. participating in portrait photographycreations during his college days, he won the funds of specialized photographyfoundations for several times. continuing his study in the school of visual artof royal danish academy of fine arts, he has brought the world’s leadingphotography techniques and styles to korea and combined them with korean popelements to make bold innovations of traditional korean’s photography styles.

beauty out of insistence

in his early thirties, paul kim has growninto a master in portrait photography, and employed as column photographer for unitasbrand,exr, elle basic, wedding 21 and other fashion photography magazines. by far, hehas worked with domestic and international tv stations in such programs asjapan everyday tv, sbs the morning and kbs live broadcast today. alwaysinsisting on the photography styles of solemnity, grace, simplicity andmagnificence, he highlights the personality and discovers the inner beauty. eachshoot of his can lead the trend of korean style photography.

causing a sensation among korean weddingphotography studios, paul kim is believed to be a dark house in the photographycircles by some people. recognizing his distinctive photography styles, somepay a high a price for him as a photographer.

successively he worked as the chief photographerfor lace studio, director of photography for ostium, resident photographer for hstudio and cooperative photographer of wedding 21, and created trend-settingkorean style wedding photos. furthermore, he was invited to take publicityphotos for superstars like yong do-hyun, the lead singer of a rock band, koreanband yurisangja, korean singer insooni, korean tenorist jung se-hyun, hip hoprapper bobby kim, new generation r&b king wheesung, popular ssl candidate parkwan-kyu and fashion singer lee jung. every expression in the eyes or on theface, and every gesture of these figures in the publicity photos have beencopied by the photo studios.

not convinced of how talented he is? do youknow hong jang hyun? of course you know! what is the relationship between hongjang hyun and paul kim? they are neither relatives nor teacher and pupil. paulkim assisted the top korean fashion photographer in the shooting of samsung, lgand kia photos. his works won the recognition of hong jang hyun. now you aresurely convinced of what a talented photographer he is!

founded the queenstudio  

if you think mr. kim is only a talentedphotographer, you must believe that he would become a highly-paid technician. atechnician with a vision, however, he is well aware that innovation is thedriving force of life, instead of looking for shade in a big tree.

with years of photography experience, heopened his own wedding photography studio—the queen studio. just as its nameindicates, the queen studio adopts an upscale strategy. customers will betreated like a queen from dress selection to makeup and to photo shoot. everywoman can find her own beauty here. to make each photo the best, he insists onoriginality and pursues exquisiteness, and gives every customer at the queenthe dignity and mien of the queen. led by paul kim, the queen studio has anoble and fashion lineage from the very beginning.  

invited to china

as korean dramas like “jejungwon” and “oh! mylady” and “cinderella’s stepsister” became a hit in china in 2010, the chinesegroupies have embraced the korean wave by using korean hair styles, wearingkorean style clothes and make-up, and speaking korean…

it was at a time like this that paul kim wasinvited to china to lecture on wedding photography skills. introducing thelatest and authentic korean wedding photo creation ideas to china, he started akorean wave in the chinese wedding photography industry and allowed the chineseyoung couples to appreciate the charm of the heart-warming korean style weddingphotography. through the lecture, paul kim saw the pursuit of beauty and koreanstyle beauty and the same aesthetic view of chinese girls. therefore, hedecided to bring the queen studio to china and started to hunt for chinesepartners.

found the man of the same vision in china

accidentally paul kim met a young and refine entrepreneurat a photography contest—allen shi. of the same vision, this entrepreneuropened the gate of china for his upscale wedding photography brand. one yearlater, there stood an exquisite and distinctive house on 65 maoming north road,jing’an district. with an all-korean shooting team, the queen perfectlyreproduces the essence, energy, spirit of the heroines with the authentickorean photography styles of solemnity, grace, simplicity and magnificence. itoffers queen-level decorative styles, photography and make-up techniques, andservice processes. those who come to the queen will definitely be treated asthe queen!

based on the standard of beauty andexquisiteness, the queen keeps its spirit of aristocracy alive in china to givechinese brides-to-be their own queen style! it’s also a wish shared by thequeen’s chinese partner—allen shi. everyone can be the inspiration of aristocracy!if possible, let me crown you royalty!

leading the market of upscale korean style photography,the queen gives every girl here her own queen style. making their dream ofbeing the queen impossible in reality possible here, the queen is committed tooffering a true experience of being the queen.