allen attended a filming ceremony in diaoyutai state guesthouse at the invitation of yan baohang -ag真人国际

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at the invitation of yan baohang foundation, mr.chairman allen shi of the jiahao group attended the filming ceremony of “no.17chongqing village” held in the diaoyutai state guesthouse on the afternoon ofaugust 15. the movie was based on the true story of yan baohang, a chinesestrategic intelligence expert.

chairman allen shi and general luo ting

yan baohang, hidden front hero during the wwii

in april 1937, yan baohang and othersestablished the northeast china anti-japanese national salvation movementcouncil, and joined the communist part of china in september. with goodinterpersonal relations, he soon won the favor of high-level kmt veterans likeyu youren, soong ching-ling and feng yuxiang. mingling with party, government,military and intelligence officials like chen cheng, tse-ven soong, chen lifu,dai li and xu enzeng, he could quickly obtained important intelligence

thanks to his amazing interpersonalrelations, he successfully obtained the international strategic intelligence inrespect of germany launching alightning attack on the soviet union,japan’s surprise attack on the pearl harbor and japan building the kwangtungarmy in northeast china collected and kept by the kmt’s military intelligencedepartment. he successively provided the intelligence to our allies the sovietunion and the u.s.

his intelligence greatly helped with thesoviet union’s great patriotic war, pacific war and soviet union’s dispatch of troopsto northeast china. it made him the most brilliant international strategic intelligenceexpert of the intelligence front of the cpc and won him the name of “china’sred king of intelligence.”

recall the history on the special day

as entrusted by zhou enlai and li kenong, yan baohang moved his family tono.17 chongqing village in chongqing during the wwii, and founded theintelligence agency which had a huge impact on the party and people. the filmwas named after the address. as mentioned by yan mingguang, daughter of yanbaohang, the news conference for the filming of “no.17 chongqing village” wasspecially held on august 15 to commemorate her father. it was on august 15seventy one years ago that the chinese people finally won the anti-japanese warwith the unconditional surrender of japanese invaders. it was a profoundlymeaningful day for the chinese nation and a victory earned with blood and lifefor yan baohang.  

chairman shi and yan mingguang, daughterof yan baohang

the strong production crew

presented by yan baohang foundation,“no.17 chongqing village” will be jointly produced byfirst-class production teams from china, russia and the u.s. it’s supported byjiang ping, general manager of china film co., ltd., an xiaofen, president ofdesen international, actors and actresses liu jin, bai jing, cai die, chenxiaoyao and du tianhao. invitations to stars like liu tao, li bingbing, zhanghan and guan xiaotong have been sent out. it’s understood that the film will bescreened in 2017.

actor liu jin and yan mingguang, daughterof yan baohang

big-budget production of a historical war film

in addition to a full-star cast, “no.17 chongqing village” jointly producedby first-class chinese, russian and u.s. production teams will presentworld-class film production techniques. yan baohang foundation’s invitation ofchairman shi to the filming ceremony gives us a chance to experience adifferent type of culture, and evidences the rapid development and tremendousstrength of the jiahao group.

chinese, russian and u.s. film productionrepresentatives held the news conference

as revealed by li jinshi, executive producerof the film, the heroes of the hidden front are unknown to the public forvarious reasons and hopefully the young people can know about the heroic deedsof our heroes of the hidden front during the anti-japanese war period.

headquartered in shanghai, the jiahao groupis committed to developing global cultural industries. in the culture,education, photography, wedding dress, haute couture, jewelry, hospitality,film-television, network, finance and industrial real estate industries, thejiahao group has invested in 30 upscale brands. with about 150 subsidiaries,the group is also concerned with cultural industries and education. it is hopethat the stories of yan baohang, hidden front hero, can be known by more youngpeople, and war theme movies can be loved by more young people.