relive the symphony of youth: artiz studio sponsored twins’ shanghai concert -ag真人国际

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since their debut in 2001, twins have beenthere as we grow up. from “next station...tin hau” and “the kite and the wind”to “femininity” and “kindergarten,” their refreshing voice sounds like theviolin in the symphony and makes you feel something different.

on september 24, their refreshing voice can be heardright in shanghai.

want to go out?

are you ready to go out? have a date withyouth and meet twins? feel the vibrancy and touching moments in the soft music.

yesterday twins held a press conference toannounce that their shanghai concert sponsored by artiz studio would be openedon september 24.

i like you

going solo over the years, gillian chung and charlenechoi have had their own stories in life and continued to live fully as we do. perhapsyou can’t explain why you like a band, just as the way you like a person, apainting, a photography, a style, artiz studio and twins.

embrace imperfections to be perfect

twins are not tall and don’t have a body of amodel. however, no one is perfect. just as they say “i want my own flavor” intheir endorsement for a yogurt product, we embrace their imperfections and ourown imperfections and celebrate our youth.

be happy and be the first choice of exquisiteness

while your job is to be happy at the concert,artiz studio’s job is to make perfect photography. together let’s play thesymphony with a climactic end. dedicated to making every photo exquisite, artizstudio aspires to be the first choice of each one of you.

forever young

at the press conference, twins seemed to socute, elegant and energetic. who would know that they have been in the showbusiness for 16 years? how i admire them and would like to meet these twolovely and kind girls. (it’s a pity that i was blocked by the crowds.)

keep going

artiz studio keeps going as the twins do. witha set revision every 30 days and a set re-design every 6 months, artiz studionever stops innovation, so as to provide each couple with the best and latestexperience.

join us to relive the symphony of youth,retrace the good old memories and continue to live fully. we will be waitingright here in shanghai.