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mr. allen shi, chairman of thejiahao group, recently met with mr.roger wang, chairman of golden eagle international, to furtherdiscuss and advance strategic cooperation. on the basis of existingcooperation, the partnership is proposed to bring respective industries andstrengths into full play. market-based strategic cooperation is expected tostrengthen industrial cooperation, complete each other’s strengths and realizemutual benefit and win-win.  

noted banker paul lo alsojoined the cooperation talk.

golden eagleinternational: set a new rich model of chinese mainland department storeindustry in 20 years

in 1992, the toweringskyscraper in nanjing broke the monotony of the city. this 58-storey buildingstanding in the busiest centre of the city, the landmark along the huangpuriver 88-storey jinmao tower and the 66-storey henglong plaza on nanjing westroad were known as china’s top three skyscrapers. they helped secure the goldeneagle international’s leadership in tier-two and tier-three cities.

after its listing on the hongkong stock exchange in 2009, the forbes 400 put roger wang, chairman of goldeneagle international and a tycoon of chinese department store industry, on thelist. for two decades, chinese mainland department store industry has beensubject to the continuous impact of internet and e-commerce as the departmentstore industry in other countries and regions. despite of that, the goldeneagle international has accumulated over 10 billion yuan of total assets.

thejiahao group: a key market player in the wedding industry

founded in 2008, the jiahaogroup has grown from an independent wedding photography brand into a group with30 chain brands in respect of wedding photography, wedding hall, wedding dressand baby photography. with over 100 stores across china, the group has 10billion yuan of assets. this miracle in the business circles is unparallel inthe wedding industry.

figures reveal that the chinese weddingindustry is a huge market where the new couples spend 300 to 400 billion yuan ayear. now taking up only 3% of the market share, the jiahao group has a greatroom to grow and is ready to grow into as key market player.

a strong partnership: commercial real estate and wedding industry

during his trip to the jiahao group thisjuly, roger wang, chairman of golden eagle international, visited thee-commerce headquarters, artiz studio and palace de elysée. showing keen interest in the e-commerce of the jiahao group, he learnedabout the operating model of e-commerce centre and prepared to propose aninitial cooperation plan.

a partnership across china where the jiahaogroup will open locations on the commercial real estate of golden eagleinternational will bring more people to golden eagle international. soon anofficial strategic cooperation plan will be signed to further expandcooperation for common development.