ada choi from the “empresses in the palace” shot her new show at the palace de elysee -ag真人国际

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palace de elysee used as a set for “hai shangjia nv ji”

hong kong actress ada choi,who received critically acclaimed reviews for her role as the empress in the“empresses in the palace,” was recently spotted preparing for her new show “haishang jia nv ji” at the auditorium of palace de elysee.

ada choi portrays anaggressive single mother born in the 1970s with a successful career having ageneration gap with her 1990s-born daughter. for the wedding scene at the show,the camera crew chose the palace de elysee.

as a matter of fact, thepalace de elysee has been chosen as the shooting sites for films and tv playslike “diamond lover” and “so young” and the venue for celebrity events likehuang xiaoming’s birthday party. it’s the unique charm, magnificence andeuropean style of palace de elysee that delivers a combination of classism andmodernism.

auditoriumalong the huangpu river

as you stand at the entranceof the auditorium and walks ahead with your beloved, you can see the blue skyand the rolling huangpu river to give a wonderful omen to your love.

no auditorium in shanghai isso close to the water as the palace de elysee. the transparent and open gothicbuilding has a distinctive beauty and clarity. as the couple reads out theirwedding vows, a ray of sunlight will shine through the window against theriver. how wonderfully happy! this is also why it makes its appearance in somany films and tv plays.

yacht,a grand entrance

the groom can wait for thebride on a yacht on the waterside terrace of palace de elysee; or the groom andthe bride can take a yacht ride to the palace de elysee and have their weddingceremony on the waterside terrace as witnessed by friends and relatives. youcan only find such a grand entrance in the palace de elysee!

a yacht is a symbol of luxury and privilege. thenew couple can choose to have their wedding ceremony at the yacht club. againstthe vast huangpu river and the flickering neon lights across the river, smileat your beloved and embrace the most fascinating fantasy. there is no need forslow motion shots or special effects. the yacht club itself renders the effectof an idol drama.  

palacede elysee completed the dream-making plan with white house floriculturedirector

recently, the palace de elyseeinvited a white house floriculture director to build a secret garden.

have a dreamlike star weddingalong the huangpu river. themed weddings will be the next direction fordevelopment of palace de elysee under the partnership with the world-famousfloriculture director. fantasy will become reality. every couple holding theirgrand wedding ceremony here will have their own story.