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in july 2016, chairman allen shi and 10 boardmembers set out for a 3-day chinese-korean culture exchange trip.

this trip was organized to further promotethe fine service awareness, optimize service process and learn from koreanwedding industry for better positioning system and maintenance of an industryleadership.

super luxury five-star service, the best service experience

from the very beginning, the trip was a superfive-star experience.

in the morning, the board members walked across the vvip passageway at theshanghai pudong airport and boarded the private plane of chairman allen shi. aftera one-hour flight, the plane landed on the incheon airport and the boardmembers were warmly welcomed by our korean guests.

during the three-day tightly-packed schedule, the board members visited 5wedding dress stores and 6 wedding halls, and experienced 1 wedding photographystore. the trip to the top ten quality stores of korea was aimed to learn theirbusiness models and service processes.

the board members stayed at ritz-carlton seoul. one ofthe world’s best luxury hotel brands, ritz-carlton has kept its classical stylealive since the establishment in the 1800s. now a first-choice hotel for royalsand political dignitaries, it has always been known as the “roof of the world”for its prestige and luxury. coco chanel even said, “every time i dreamed aboutmy life in heaven after death, it was always in ritz-carlton.” chairman allenshi picked ritz-carlton to experience the neither servile nor overbearing, butthoughtful service from this century-old hotel, and serve our guests with englishbutler service, so that our guests can remember what they have in jiahao forthe rest of their lives and from good word of mouth. aiming to grow jiahao intoa century-old wedding business, chairman allen shi knew that they had topersonally experience the services and ideas to pass it down.  

a good company must have excellent corporateculture.

founded in 2000, iwedding has grown intokorea’s largest wedding service company. having serviced over 100,000 couples,it’s the popular choice for korean stars. the moment the private plane of theboard landed on the airport, a director of iwedding presented flowers to theboard members. as the board members came to iwedding in the afternoon, theywere amazed at how its corporate culture is rooted in the employees.

at the gate of iwedding was a huge welcomingposter. in memory of the cultural exchanges with the jiahao group and china,the poster featured a chinese motto “no need to fear slowness, but fearinaction” (“不怕慢,只怕站”) mentioned by president xi jinping to show their attention and recognitionof china and the chinese market.

on the office walls were the humorous cartoonimages of the board members of iwedding, bringing them closer to the employees;in the hall of fame were the golden handprints of the employees servingiwedding for over 3 years as an encouragement for their contributions toiwedding; there was a full-length mirror in each office as a reminder ofpersonal appearance.  

what amazed the board members most was the iweddingband initiated by their music-loving chairman. song rehearsing during their sparetime has brought the leaders closer to the employees. the chairman of iweddingeven gives lectures to music enthusiasts. the performance they gave at thedinner party won admiration of the board members of the jiahao group.

visited upscale wedding brands to learn multi-dressing methods

the board members visited 5 wedding dressbrands—choi jaehoon dress, lee seung jin sposa, hwang jong-ah dress, monteviaand lordntailor. these most famous korean wedding dress names represent thetrends of korean wedding dresses.

how to highlight the value of wedding dressesand allow the customers to rent or customize a wedding dress and gainvalue-added experience? the board members were inspired. spend the least moneyand get several looks? wouldn’t it be a delightful surprise for the brides-to-be?  

in china, a wedding dress is often a dress tobe worn on their wedding day, instead of a dress to be handed down as in theeurope and u.s. therefore, most brides tend to rent a wedding dress, whichrequires higher service quality for the brides-to-be. having built its ownwedding brand and specialized r&d team, the jiahao group has further exchangedwith and learned from other wedding companies to help better our branding andkeep improving. in addition to more accurately capture the demands of globalcustomers, these efforts can lay a foundation for nationwide chain operation ofthe dress brand at an early date.

embraced the thrilling experience of wedding photography

donggam studio is korea’s largest weddingphotography brand and one of the most popular portrait photography brands amongthe stars. with topnotch photography, dressing and post-production teams, donggamstudio provides customers with authentic korean style photography services.

to gain a true experience of photographyservices of donggam studio, board director and general manager ye di ordered awedding photography package online before the visit. she would compare theservices with jiahao’s services for our service improvement.

as the car stopped in front of the studio inthe morning, the staff had been waiting at the gate. enthusiastic greetings andpolite bows sent a welcoming welcome. the interior of the studio isartistically designed. refreshing and exquisite flowers can be seen everywhere.the latest photography style of the season is tree house. the set is decoratedwith naturally grown flowers and green twigs and leaves. it’s simple, causaland harmonious. this real, refreshing and natural photography style is muchloved by the korean young people.  

from the make-up artist to stylist andphotographer, from the small book coaster to the accessories in the studio,every detail can be touching and inspiring. customers arrived at the studio at10:00 and the shooting ended at 3:00 p.m. it was not a lengthy process as inchina where customers were exhausted and posed for the sake of task completion.the photographer could focus within the limited time and take amazing photos.

patient explanations, exquisite photographyskills, thoughtful services and continuous innovations are the foundation forthe good reputation of donggam studio. it’s also what the jiahao groupspecialized in korean style wedding photography has emphasized and focused on. thecultural exchange has facilitated mutual growth.

inspirations and creativity from distinctive up-scale wedding halls

during their stay in korea, the board membersvisited wedding halls of different styles and noticed that the increasinglypopular wedding halls have been replacing wedding receptions of hotels for moreprofessional services. this visit to korea has helped the jiahao group to gaina comprehensive understanding of the developments of wedding industry, andimprove software and hardware configurations. it’s vitally significant to thebuilding of whole wedding industry chain.  

the raum

a noted premium castle wedding hall in korea,the raum reproduces the majesty and grandness of traditional european royalmansions. outdoor is a meticulously maintained private lawn garden and a romanticfountain garden for outdoor ceremonies, and the indoor is equipped with specializedfacilities. carrying a history and reputation of nobility, this valuableancient castle only serves 1% of the upper class. it’s widely recognized bycelebrities and political dignitaries for its architectural majesty and qualityservice. hence, it has become the holy wedding venue for the celebrities, and afirst-choice venue for international events and cultural performances.  

the interior soft lighting of the raum offersthe perfect lighting effect. the staff has been well trained for each step fromcustomer reception, dining service to seeing-off. the service quality is seenin details which gives a sense of warmth to customers unaware. such meticulousand proper service supported by facilities and service teams is something thatthe jiahao group can learn from in the construction of p2 wedding hall.

mariage square

mariage square is a well-known wedding hallbrand in korea. a popular wedding style among the grooms-to-be andbrides-to-be, the housewedding features cozy and exquisite arrangements. asmall band sets the tone for a relaxing and romantic atmosphere. suchmeticulous customized wedding hall is growing into a popular trend much lovedby those born in the 1990s.

solemnly and elegantly decorated, theceremonial hall of mariage square is equipped with chorus devices for the groomand bride to interact and electrify the wedding.

as the 1990s-born are at an age of marriage,they will become the primary customers of wedding industry. getting to know thewedding styles they love will play an immeasurable role in the jiahao group’shold of market share in the wedding industry.

floating island

floating on the hangang river, floatingisland resembles a giant transparent egg. the wedding hall goes up or down asthe water level changes. the golden led lights on the transparent glass dome atnight create a refreshing experience for the customers.

dress garden

the reception area of the dress garden isan art exhibition. on the e-screen is a scrolling display of the wedding photosof the groom and the bride. the projectors in the ceremonial hall project thewedding highlights to the dome and deliver distinctive effects.