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the palace de elysee, an upscale wedding venueunder the jiahao group, sits on the bank of the time-honored huangpu river.against the picturesque scenery outdoors, the interior is elegantly andmagnificently decorated. it’s the shooting location for movies and teleplays,and an event venue for many stars. since its operation in march 2013, it hasbeen graced by the presence of quite a number of celebrities.  

korean singer psy

at the invitation of chairmanallen shi, psy released his new song “daddy” at the palace de elysee on january26, 2016.

   taking the annual meeting of the jiahao groupseriously, psy brought with him a korean dance troupe and a band  as if toperform for the grammys. speaking highly of the live concert-like lighting, hegave a thumbs-up for the lighting and believed that the lighting had better setoff his performance. as the musician hit the note of world-famous song “gangnamstyle,” the audience clapped their hands and sang along. it was electrifying.

korean ido rain

after completing his militaryservice, korean a-list star rain announced his entry into the chinese market.he chose the “diamond lover” as his first teleplay in china. the wedding sceneof the teleplay was shot right here in the palace de elysee.

rain also spent the afterparty of his asian tour with vips of the jiahao group. his irresistible charminfatuated the fans.

huang xiaoming

huang xiaoming held his lastbirthday party & fan meeting before his wedding in the palace de elysee. ashe made his appearance with his little fan and child star apple, it warmed thehearts of his fans.

on the led screen of thebanquet hall the vcr specially made for huang xiaoming by his fans was played.it was a collection of the classic roles he played and awards he won. greatlytouched, huang shared his thoughts with his fans: an actor may seem glorious,but requires a lot of hard work; by celebrating a birthday with so many fans insuch a grand banquet hall, i feel that all my efforts have paid off.

graced by the presence ofhuang xiaoming, the palace de elysee has gained a star quality.

ada choi from the “empresses in the palace”

hong kong actress ada choi,who received critically acclaimed reviews for her role as the empress in the“empresses in the palace,” was recently spotted preparing for her new show “haishang jia nv ji” at the auditorium of palace de elysee. ada choi portrays anaggressive single mother born in the 1970s with a successful career having ageneration gap with her 1990s-born daughter.

for the wedding scene at theshow, the camera crew chose the palace de elysee. it’s the unique charm,magnificence and european style of palace de elysee that delivers a combinationof classism and modernism.

well-known korean movie and teleplay starjang seo-hee

as a special guest, jangseo-hee, the heroine in the “miss mermaid,” handed out medals for outstandingemployees at the annual meeting of the jiahao group held at the palace de elysee.taken by surprise, the medal winners screamed excitedly. humorous and fun, jangseo-hee actively interacted with the guests on the stage, and made a memorableimpression.

from “miss mermaid” to“temptation of wife,” jang seo-hee portrayed amazing characters and won a hugechinese fan base for her superb acting skills. everyone was thrilled at herappearance at the palace de elysee.

gymnastics champion yan mingyong

yan mingyong, the champion ofthe world artistic gymnastics championships 2010 and rings champion at thelondon 2012gymnastics artistic, held his wedding with trampoline athlete maqiujing at the palace de elysee on november 21, 2014. at the cozily andromantically decorated guam ceremonial hall, they took their vows. with themagnetic baritone of the m.c., the couple joined hands for a new chapter oftheir lives.

famous chinese actress tiffany tang

the palace de elysee waschosen as the shooting location for the wedding scene of the hero and heroineof the “diamond lover” starred by rain and tiffany tang respectively. rain heldthe hands of tiffany tang in a princess-like dress and completed their weddingceremony.

the unique tent-shaped yachtclub offers 50 tables and a 360-degree led circular screen. every moment of thewedding will be seen from the screen to touch your heart.

popular actress stephy

stephy hosted the publicityevent for the upcoming workplace idol drama “i am du lala” at the palace deelysee.

it was a continuation of thelast scene of the teleplay where du lala wore a black suit for her wedding withwang wei at the palace de elysee. it was distinctive and refreshing.

female pop singer angela

angela, the first nationalchampion of the 1st super girl tv show, has sung at the palace deelysee. known to the public with the song “hello, jay chou!” she has beenconveying the message of love with music and infusing love in her music.

smg host anan

as a food host of channelyoung of smg, anan is a good friend of chairman allen shi and a regular ofpalace de elysee.

hostess and host liu yanchi & zhao qixin

smg hostess and host liuyanchi & zhao qixin served as emcees for the annual meeting of the jiahaogroup 2015. the witty and humorous hostess and host electrified the event.

famous korean dance group cis

korean dance group cis made asensational appearance at the annual meeting of the jiahao group 2015. thecharming girls and handsome cute boys brought a hot dance and pushed theatmosphere to a new height.


asian girls’ group o21released the chinese version for the “show me” song and two new singles “oh, mybaby” and “pretty” at the crystal hall of palace de elysee. with that the groupannounced their start of a singing career.

o21 represents the startupphase from 0 to 1 and their pioneering spirit. with superb charisma, fashionlook and extraordinary stage appear, o21 has a lot to offer and much to grow in the future.