globally leading floriculture director created art space for the claude monet exhibition -ag真人国际

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to celebrate the 90thanniversary of the death of french painter and master of shadows claude monet,the well-known art show claude monet exhibition—imprints of time created byfamous korean floriculture director vicky jung is introduced to china in 2016.the exhibition will be held in chengdu, guangzhou, beijing and shanghai. theexhibition in shanghai will be opened from september 15 to december 25. at theinvitation of the exhibition organizer, allen shi, chairman of the jiahao group, attended the show on september 14 to support his friend vicky jung.

allen shi and vicky jung

amazing sensual experiencebrought by art + technology

the claude monet exhibition isdivided into 6 theme pavilions—beginning of an artistic life, monet and the masters and love, impressionism and beginning of light, creation of light giverny, the water lily of light & a great man, special exhibition area. through these six themes, visitors can learn about how monet started hispainting career, met the art giants and his life partner camille, and witnessthe works of different styles at each creation stage.

monet’s works flow on thescreen with the help of technology

the combination of 3d mapping technology, a next generation display technology that protects 3d images, with exquisite live production and sound effect can reproduce paris at the early industrialization era in the 19th century.

powerful visual impact broughtby giant screens

the cutting-edge digital technology can perfectly amplify the features of impressionistic works and detailedly presentthe fine brushwork of each painting. the picture jumps to life with plumper colors and more fascinating light sensation. multi-media technology further allows the static paintings to flow and enable general viewers lack of artistic appreciation trainings to better appreciate the essence of monet’s paintings. to create a more fun experience, interactive experience designs have been embedded in the exhibition. by projecting each facet of monet’s works, the small 3d space on three sides of the exhibition area gives the viewers an immersive experience and breaks the routine of only one best viewing angel for each work.the unconventional exhibition appreciation model in 3d light brings unprecedented sensual experience.  

another masterpiece oftopnotch floriculture director—monet garden

at the invitation of the exhibition organizer, noted korean floriculture director vicky jung created a fabulous monet garden with well-layered flowers in red, brown, orange, blue and other warm colors. amid the fragrantflowers, viewers can gain an immersive experience and appreciate the eternal romance of monet from the short films of monet and camille, melodious music and customized replicas of dresses worn by camille.

the fabulous monet garden

the impeccable artistic spaceof light and shadow, flowers and paintings

other representative works of vicky jung include the wedding scene from “the twilight saga 4”, sidus hq party of pusan international filmfestival and michelin-starred chefs’ gala.

the wedding scene from “thetwilight saga 4”

serving as the floriculture consultant of palace de elysee under jiahao in. group, vicky jung has designed a wedding on the petals for the newly wedded. hugged by flowers of varioussizes, the newly wedded spent their most important day of their lives.

sweetness in the air

the most solemn promise inlife witnessed by flowers

living up to her name as atopnotch floriculture director, vicky jung is not simply decorating withflowers as general florists do. she conveys a message in the language offlowers and touches the whole space with flowers. stay tuned for the nextmasterpiece of vicky jung.