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at the mention of weddingphotography industry, artiz studio will definitely come to mind. starting inthe 1980s and entering the chinese market in the 1990s, this young industry has grown into a market size of 100 billion yuan. introduced into china from pusan by the jiahao group in 2008, the much younger artiz studio has rapidly risen to the number one place in the industry in 8 years. beneath the thoughtful customer services of artiz studio is the marvelous vision of allen shi,chairman of the jiahao  group. the book titled “millionaires grown from reproduce success” featuring the successful experience and stories of allen shi will hit the book shelves on september 28.

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personal profile

allen shi, male born in 1980, is a shanghai native and a master’s degree holder. this entrepreneur, angel investor and founder of wedding whole industry chain model is president of thejiahao group and founder of the jiahao group, and one of representative modern shanghai merchants. creating a legend from 0 to 10 billion yuan within 7 years, he was rated shanghai outstanding youth entrepreneur in 2013 and honored with ctv best business model of the year. allen shi had an exclusive interview withthe cctv di yi shi jian show in 2015. he accepted the interview of bbc reporter olivia in 2016.

allen shi at a bbc interview

a multi-industry prodigy, allen shi is known for his gentility of “a low profile man, high profile business.” entering the market and new business fields in the most unusual and aggressive way, he is reputed as the industry breaker and business wizard. his extraordinary business talent and unique character have brought him quite a few admirers who consider him their mentor for success. all these have helped laythe corner stone for the jiahao group.

company profile

dedicated to building a globalone-stop wedding industry chain, artiz studio has 36 stores across the addition to the main store in shanghai, artiz studio has opened locations in shenzhen, wuxi, changzhou, nanjing, hangzhou, guangzhou, ningbo, wenzhou,wuhan, chongqing, fuzhou, xiamen, chengdu, changsha, kunming, guiyang,nanchang, beijing, tianjin, shenyang, zhengzhou, hefei, changchun, suzhou,shijiazhuang, taiyuan, dalian, inner mongolia, korea and malaysia. it services over 1,000 couples a day. the only designated photography brand of koreatourism organization, artiz studio is china’s most upscale wedding photography brand with highest average spending, and takes up a 70% market share in theglobal korean style wedding photography market.

artiz studio makes millions ofbrides happy.


artiz studio honored as gmarket most popular shop in 2012;

artiz studio honored with poyi award of excellence in portrait in 2012;

artiz studio honored asdianping most popular shop in 2013;

artiz studio honored with most popular award by in 2013;

artiz studio listed as there commended photography brand of korea tourism organization in 2014;

artiz studio honored as one ofiwedding top ten wedding photography brands in 2015.

abstract of the book

method two: no.1 association

there are so many powerful rivals in the industry. if we can’t be number one in certain aspect in the industry, we can be associated with the industry leader by becoming a member of the number one group. in this way, consumers will believe that this member ofthe industry-leading group can surely offer the best products.

example: a small business, the newly established artiz studio was impossible to achieve number one in any aspect. therefore, the no.1 association strategy was adopted and artiz studio was positioned as the number one associated brand of the slogan of artiz studio was the number two brand. as we all knew, the number one brand in shanghai that year was only 1314. what about the number two brand? by claiming itself the number two brand, artiz studio received no objections. on the contrary, consumers tended to think that the number two brand artiz studio should be as good as only 1314 and offer the best quality products.