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what is the most important to a company? many may say profit. it’s understandable. what is the most important factor for the development and expansion of a company? the answer is people. a business that aims for long-term development must truly put people first, liu chuanzhi, founder of lenovo, said. talents are the key to sustainable development of a company, of which the jiahao group is well aware. in august 2016, the jiahao group inked a cooperation agreement with sungshin women’suniversity. by far, six students from sungshin women’s university have worked as makeup artist interns at the jiahao group and shown impressive the future, more outstanding graduates from sungshin women’s university willenter the jiahao group, and sungshin women’s university will continuously injectnew blood into the jiahao group.

a group photo of jiahao group and sungshinwomen’s university representatives

korea’s no.1 women’suniversity joins hands with jiahao in. group

founded in 1936, sungshinwomen’s university is a famous women’s university in downtown seoul. a sister university of stanford university since 1968, sungshin women’s university has carried out academic exchanges, student, professor and academic information exchanges with 33 universities from 11 countries. among these universities are sun yat-sen university, jilin university, shandong university, ocean university of china and other chinese universities under project 985. honored as excellent characteristic university from 2004 to 2006 for three consecutive years, sungshin women’s university is now headed by its 7th president,former vice minister of the ministry of education of republic of korea. with 7single-subject colleges and 5 schools, sungshin women’s university has 13,000 students and about 700 teaching and administrative staff members. among the 47 undergraduate programs offered, fine arts, music, art, teacher training andnursing make into the top programs among korean universities. ranked the 15thplace in the comprehensive ranking in 2016, sungshin women’s university keepsimproving.

picturesque campus

under this agreement, sungshin women’suniversity will first dispatch a top-level professor team to jiahao in. group.the visiting professors will provide professional trainings give lectures atjiahao in. group. as required by jiahao in. group, sungshin women’s universitywill then customize programs to train specific talents. jiahao in. group maysend employees to sungshin women’s university for exchanges. lastly, sungshinwomen’s university will recommend outstanding graduates to jiahao in. group.

professional training courses

talent training of jiahao group

zeng guofan believes thattalents have to be discovered and trained. talent training is the key. nevercomplain about no talents on hand. learn to train talents. the jiahao group hasalways been committed to talent training. concluding a cooperation agreementwith woosong university in 2015, the jiahao group has sent two employeedelegations to korea for exchanges, opening up a new overseas training model.this partnership with sungshin women’s university will further advance jiahaoin. group’s policy of international talent training.

graduation ceremony ofemployees of jiahao in. group sent to woosong university

in addition to partnerships with colleges and universities, the jiahao  group offers on-the-job trainings every month to help enhance employees’ competency. the management courses for middle and senior management are personally taught by chairman allen shi to groom management trainees. “to share the successful experience” has always beenthe pet phrase of chairman allen shi to encourage the middle and senior management to mentor the new employees and help them fit in the group as soon as possible. under the pyramid experience sharing model, the employees will grow quickly. despite of the huge investments, the jiahao  group has always followed this development path. after all, a business aiming for sustainable development must put people first.

regular makeup artist trainingevery month

employees took note at themanagement training course