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on october 25, 2016, allen shi, chairman of the jiahao group, gave a lecture on passive success to 500 students at donghua university. towards the end of his lecture, he extended his sincere welcome to every student with dreams, “employees join a company to realize their dreamsand corporate goals are achieved incidentally. money means nothing to me, buttalents mean a lot. you are all welcomed to join jiahao in. group and make yourdreams come true!” both teachers and students were inspired by the novel ideaof passive success and the sincerity of the jiahao group.

allen shi received flowersfrom the students for his 1-h inspirational lecture

megamillionaire president lectured at

donghua university to seek talents

“we will have a true megamillionaire lecturer today at the lecture hall 1, donghua university.”hearing this, ambitious students of donghua university came to lecture hall 1long before the lecture started. at 6:00 p.m., students began to sign in andall seats had been occupied. in the audiences were not only the students of donghua university, but also students from other universities at songjiang university town.

“let’s welcome to the stage allen shi, chairman of the jiahao group!” as soon as the m.c. made the introduction, all students stood up and gave thundering applauses. could this young megamillionaire handle the 500 students off the stage?

allen shi talked about hispersonal experience

“china’s demographic dividendis decreasing year by year. now we have three mega groups—ali, tencent and baidu. young people like you will find it much more difficult to start abusiness than i did. at a time like this, hard working is not enough for you tomake it.” this concise opening hit the sore spot of the audiences. how to makeit? the students started to think about their future.

seeing the perplexed faces ofthe students, allen shi pointed them in the right direction.

“you have to seize every opportunity to proveyourselves. i took a market survey tour to the u.s. previously. whether a student is outstanding can be judged by his appearance in school and social events. if you notice that he joins the student union and works as a volunteer of a non-profit organization and a flag bearer at a sports meet, he is with theivy league most probably. however, chinese students are often misled by an old chinese saying—never show your wealth. so you tend not to show your talents andkeep a low profile. in an era that good wine needs bush, every occasion to show the real you is an opportunity hard to come by.” his words injected vitality to the 500 students off the stage.  

allen shi shared his years ofsuccessful experience.

lastly, allen shi talked about what he thinks of talents. he summarized his opinions in one sentence: money means nothing to me, but talents mean a lot. after such a domineering statement, he gave his words, “the jiahao group invests 1% of net profit everyyear on employee training. employees may be sent to study in korea and the may think 1% is so little, but it’s 30 million yuan for the jiahao group! alearning-oriented enterprise, jiahao in. group never stops from top to bottom.i promise you that every management trainee of jiahao in. group will be personally mentored by me. indeed, the jiahao group may not be the most perfect choice. but as you can see from me this is a choice that you are loved as youare loved by your boyfriend.”

students listened attentively.

from the very beginning, the students were drawn to this young entrepreneur on the stage. they nodded as they heard the advice to “seize every opportunity to prove yourself.” the statement that money means nothing to me, but talents mean a lot took the hearts of the 500 audiences. who was not impressed by this young, humorous and witty megamillionaire? more admirably, this chairman of a 10 billion yuan business flew back to china forthem. such sincerity and eagerness had stamped two names on the mind of thestudents: allen shi and the jiahao group.

the audiences gaveenthusiastic feedback after the lecture.

grow trees in 10 years and rear talents in 100 years

invest heavily to train the team of jiahao

zeng guofan believes that talents have to be discovered and trained. talent training is the key. never complain about no talents on hand. learn to train talents. is the jiahao  group is committed to talent training as allen shi said? the answer is yes.

well aware that it takes ten years to grow trees and 100 years to rear talents, the jiahao group has always spared no efforts to grow future talents. allen shi loves to recruit fresh college graduates—“the bunnies” as he would prefer. fresh graduates are like apiece of white paper to be filled in with all kinds of wonderful words. bright prospects can be guaranteed naturally.

“the bunnies”fresh college graduates are wisely given play to their talents.

the jiahao  group is also known for advance employment by putting inadequately qualified employees on a senior position. it’s a practical training in the management. a business of 5,000 employees with an annual turnover of 10 billion yuan will be your arena. how many corporationshave such boldness and an open mind?

more importantly, it’s a corporation about “money culture.” “making ten years of money with three years of hardwork” is a true depiction of the jiahao  group. “achieve corporate goals in the realization of employees’ dreams.” that’s how it’s done. working for such aculture-emphasized company, you will feel being loved.

if you long for a financially independent life and believe that nothing is impossible and that you will make it, you can consider joining the jiahao  group. after all, it’s aware that “the most valuable thing in the 21st century is nothing but talents” and it“achieves corporate goals in the realization of employees’ dreams.” more importantly, this is a choice that you are loved.