parkson group visited the jiahao group to create new field of "marriage estate"‍ -ag真人国际

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on the afternoon of november 2, 2016, three people includinggeneral manager wang of the national investment promotion center of parksongroup, one of the largest fashion department groups in china, visited jiahao’sartiz studio and touch baby, the leaders in the china’s wedding and photography industries, and jiahao’ e-commerce center. they had in-depth discussion with lixiaotao, director of public relations department of the jiaohao group on thefuture strategic cooperation. at the meeting, the representatives of park sonexpressed rich interests in jiahao’s “wedding industry” concept. it is expected that both parties will join hands to march towards the “real estate 2.0” field after this friendly negotiation.    

what impressed parkson’s senior management were appropriate temperature, warm smiles and considerate concern in their visit to artiz studio and touch baby. “repeat to be perfect” is not only a slogan of jiahao. let’stake touch baby as an example. the studio is equipped with specialized floor heating and central air-conditioning to keep the room temperature at 22, which is most suitable for kids. touch baby is devoted to photographing for thekids aged 0-12. as kids’ photography is full of uncertainty, the studio arranges an excellent, professional facilitator team for children, with a number of team members having a national psychological consultant certificate. they have good knowledge of child psychology, thus able to convoy the process of photographing for kids. all these have deeply impressed the senior managementof parkson.  

both parties agree that cooperation in kids’photography field has great potential

parkson was founded by lion group in 1987. in nearly10 years, it developed significantly, with its stock listed on hkex (3368), bursamalaysia (parkson), and sgx (parkson). its chain department stores are set upin the main cities all over malaysia. so far, it has opened more than 30 shopping malls and chain boutique stores and has become the largest and most successful retail chain group in malaysia. in addition, it has a close relation with china. it is one of the oldest foreign-funded chain enterprises operating fashion department stores in china, owing the most extensive marketing network covering 34 main cities of 18 provinces in china.

parkson’s representatives visited artiz studio

the jiahao group was founded in 2008. in addition tocreating the miracle that its asset increased from 30 million yuan to 1 billionyuan, it has overturned the whole wedding photography industry in as short as eight years, and jiahao is still speeding up. 2016 was the first year when jiahao started to transform and break through foreign cooperation. the concept “wedding industry” proposed by jiahao has injected the vitality of fashion and youth tothe real estate field, made waves in the wedding industry and the real estate industry, and opened a new chapter of “real estate 2.0”.

elegant interior layout of artiz studio

parkson and jiahao have tacit understanding of each other. parkson has established long-term stable partnership with many domestic and international well-known brands, thus making it able to perfect itself in continuous commodity and brand portfolio and other aspects. it enhances the attractiveness of its products by introducing high-quality, high-value brandsor innovative product series so as to strengthen its leading position and bring most perfect shopping experience to customers. jiahao, as the leader in the wedding industry, owns numerous high-end brands and it has been maintaining good relationships with vera wang, lamer, iwedding and many other well-known enterprises in the industry. it values quality and products, elaborately makesworks for every customer with craftsmanship and tries to bring perfectexperience to customers in both hardware and software.

cozy environment of touch baby

seeing the good example of “jiahao & golden eagle”,parkson started to carry out exploration of a new business model in thesub-era. although cooperation between both parties is still at the stage of negotiation, the wedding industry and the real estate industry have had a sufficient reason to join hands with each other. the theme of wedding canattract numerous potential audiences for shopping malls, while shopping malls can provide complete commercial supporing services covering entertainment,leisure, catering, shopping etc with different kinds of types of business. cooperation between these two enterprises is an inevitable trend, and cross-bordercooperation will become the industrial development direction in the future.

as physical shopping malls are in the era of severe homogenization, the cross-border cooperation between both parties is expected to overturn traditional business models, get rid of homogenization of shopping centers and win the favor of the market with the theme of wedding. in addition to large and complete shopping malls, themed and specialized commercial realestate has a broader development prospect.  

jiahaohas been actively exploring more possibilities of “wedding real estate”. in addition to that its cooperation with parkson is at the stage of in-depthnegotiation, its cooperation with golden eagle has formally begun, with the first stage starting in six major cities nationwide. it is obvious to all that jiahao has advanced rapidly in the recent five years. wanda group, citic grouo, rk properties group and many other giant enterprises in the commercial reale state industry have extended the olive branch. it can be predicated that “weddingreal estate” will be spread to major cities in china in 2017 after incubationand cultivation in 2016  

we believe jiahao has made the wave of the “wedding industry” through cooperation with such tycoons in the real estate industry asgolden eagle and parkson, and this has become one of the most important eventsin the real estate field in 2016.

jiahao  group, headquartered in shanghai, china, isdetermined to develop global cultural industries. at present, its investment has involved culture, education, wedding, high-end formal dress customization, jewelry, hotel, film and television, network, finance, industrial real estateand other industries, and it has invested in about 30 high-end brands. owning more than 150 subsidiary industrial corporations, it has reached the annual turnover of over 10 billion yuan and has gradually formed an independent cultural industrial ecosphere. in recent years, it has developed into an international, comprehensive investment group.