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october 7, 2014 saw a romanticwedding against the lupu bridge, shanghai. different from a traditionalwedding, this unique, fashion and romantic wedding offered sensationalexperience. it was hosted at the palace de elysée. “we install 600 m2 of ledscreens. the lighting and sound system is designed and configured as requiredby the marrying couple. we are fully booked during the national day golden weekand well received among our customers,” the head of engineering department ofpalace de elysée revealed.

origin: luxurious sensation

the palace de elysée hasopened the gate of happiness with the unique sound, light, electricity, videoand multi-media concept. it’s a gate that leads to romance and a bigger marketof entertainment equipment. together with mr. liu shiyuan, senior weddingconsultant from taiwan, we met mr. allen shi, the helmsman of the romanticpalace de elysée.

it was a luxury yetunderstated and antique office. neatly placed in the shelves were all kinds ofbooks and magazines, and aged collectibles. the unique taste of this wise andsuccessful man was in the air. much younger than one could imagine, he had ahandsome look comparable to korean stars. in the huge office, a warm andprofound talk gave a sense of tranquility and a touch of humanity to the nightof shanghai.

the palace de elysée wasinspired from a k-pop wedding allen shi attended in korea. he attempted tointroduce this highly popular korean wedding form based on cultural developmentto china. integrating chinese cultural ideas, he innovatively built this weddingvenue in china.

working with a wedding companyunder lg, the jiahao group built the phase one of the authentic korean style weddingvenue. the palace de elysée now uses the most and largest stage lighting, soundsystems and led screens among the wedding clubs in shanghai. it has fiveastylar banquet halls with a height of 8 meters. designed with a unique theme,each hall is impressively equipped, including the killers stage lift, lightingequipment and 180-degree rotatable wedding room…each design is amazingly executed.

“we are yet to present theperfect design of palace de elysée, because k-pop weddings have a giant shellin which the bride will sit and step into the concert. we will introduce yachtclub and 4d design elements in the phase 2. top-notch sound, light,electricity, video and multi-media equipment will be used to create morecreative wedding venues,” allen shi said.

the palace de elysée is aplace where people can make a promise of love and happiness, and where allenshi pursues his dream at the upscale wedding venue—work for others’ happiness.

structure: “there will be no wedding receptions inrestaurants.”

the palace de elysée ispositioned below five-star hotels and above restaurants. with the rapiddevelopment wedding industry, related companies have attached increasingimportance to brand service and scale operation and launching increasinghigh-level wedding services. the industry is working to meeting the diversified,fashion, personalized and romantic service demands of contemporary youngpeople. as the wedding industry chain is taking shape, five-star hotels find itincreasingly difficult to adapt to the changes of market demands.

as an investor, allen shi saidwith confidence, “the wedding industry will develop to a point that there willbe no wedding receptions in restaurants, but wedding clubs. the wedding marketis in short supply. the palace de elysée aims at the medium and high-endmarket. the output of a wedding club is approximately 150 million yuan, 10wedding clubs will have an output of 1.5 billion yuan. the output of 100wedding clubs will be a much more considerable figure. more and more chainhotels are not listed, and wedding clubs will be listed in the near future aswell.”

shanghai has always been theprimary hotly contended market for wedding market players. at least 100,000couples are married in shanghai every year. if each couple spends 100,000 yuanfor their wedding on average, it will have a market size of at least 10 billionyuan every year. if a team can be built steadily, presence will be more easilybuilt in the national market.  

it’s such a market acumen andlong-term development vision that allows allen shi to open up the market withconfidence.

transformation: from made in china to created in china

to build the palace de elysée,allen shi and chief engineer of engineering department personally purchasedequipment in guangzhou and shenzhen. allen shi frankly revealed that he was an“outsider” to the entertainment equipment segment. from the perspective of abuyer, this market segment is hot.

“for example, you can buyanything you want as a bar owner, but you can’t as a wedding club owner. barshave to create an open and gorgeous sound and lighting effect, but weddingvenues are expected to be elegant, dignified and cozy. it’s completelydifferent from a bar in terms of lighting design and background music.

therefore, allen shi suggestedthat specialized light and sound system manufacturers build a professionalsoftware and hardware development team and launch systematic marketingcampaigns targeted to wedding venues.

meanwhile, enterprises have to enhance theirnetwork marketing awareness and focus on branding instead of relying on theconventional marketing model. the “transformation from made in china to createdin china” should be a practice, but not a slogan.

in respect of wedding plazas,the entertainment equipment industry is faced with a shift from rental to fixedinstallation as the demand grows. the sound, lighting,choreography, laser,multi-media, stage machinery and protection of wedding plazas should beintegrated to guide industrial development.

sharing: secret to success

stumbling along his five yearsof entrepreneurial journey, he finally turned 0 to 10 billion yuan. jokingly,he shared his story of selling his house to raise funds for the wedding venuemarket. he said smilingly, “most people can make it because they are forced todo it. i worked as an employee and was denied by my boss. finally i decided tostart my own business and become who i am today.”

allen shi is grateful for thehuge market of china. the chinese wedding market is on the rise. with betternational supporting policies, the market may develop into a cultural industryand produce more opportunities for success. the success of the jiahao groupattributes to public praise and network operation. eighty percent of thecustomers of palace de elysée come from the network. those who know aboute-commerce and keep up with the world can better seize the businessopportunities.

as allen shi shared hissuccessful experience, he firmly warned that “a business owner should never bea hands-off boss, and should learn how to manage the team.”

the problem with many chinese entrepreneurs isthat they tend to manage a team with the same philosophy 20 years ago. with aconsiderable amount of funds, many business owners start to invest and wait forreturns. in the eyes of allen shi, a business owner must know all facets of theindustry and communicate his ideas with the team to build a more sustainablebusiness.  

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