the cctv2 di yi shi jian show conducted an exclusive interview with chairman allen shi  -ag真人国际

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on march 21, the cctv2 di yishi jian show conducted an exclusive interview with chairman allen shi of thejiahao group to unveil his legendary entrepreneurial journey since 2007.

chairman allen shi at an interview with cctv

chairman allen shi at an interview with cctv

during the two sessions thisyear, our premier put forward in the government work report for the first timethat we should work out the “internet+” action plan, advance the integration ofmobile internet, cloud computing, big data and internet of things with modernmanufacturing industry, and promote the sound development of e-commerce,industrial internet and internet finance.

long before the internet+concept is proposed, however, the jiahao group founded by allen shi has put theconcept into practice and applied the internet+ model of internet finance inthe internet+ finance+ wedding e-commerce+ wedding industry chain. aclosed-loop commercial ecosystem of the whole industry chain has beenestablished vertically.

chairman allen shi of thejiahao group

allen shi is a shanghainative, a pioneer of chinese internet finance and wedding industry chainco-financing model, and a master’s degree holder. this entrepreneur, angelinvestor and founder of wedding whole industry chain model is president of thejiahao group and founder of the jiahao group, and one of representative modernshanghai merchants. creating a legend from 0 to 10 billion yuan within 7 years,he was rated shanghai outstanding youth entrepreneur in 2012 and honored withcctv best business model of the year in 2014.

allen shi has invested in suchwell-known brands as hilton hotel los angeles, jiahao academy, jiahao yachtclub, taipei sofia wedding, artiz studio, palace de elysée, jiaxing lake oflove resort, wuxi phoenix international cultural exchange center, diamond galleria,kwedding, grace kelly, topzio,buyueeryu women’s shoes, and korean artist training center ct-center.

as a grassroots’ entrepreneur,he follows the trends of the times and actively responds to state policies.born in the 1980s, he is a legendary representative of entrepreneurial tales.his stories are worth listening and recording. this is why he is interviewed bycctv.

born into a poor family, allenshi returned to shanghai with his mother from north china in 1995. he finishedhis college study with loans and scholarships. invested by him in 2008, artizstudio has risen to its fame within 4 years and quickly developed into anindustry tycoon. around 2013, allen shi started to roll out its whole industrychain strategy on the basis of the main business, expanding the business to weddingclub & hotel, resort and industrial investment.

allen shi at the interview

a multi-industry prodigy,allen shi is known for his gentility of “a low profile man, high profilebusiness.” entering the market and new business fields in the most unusual andaggressive way, he is reputed as the industry breaker and business wizard. hisextraordinary business talent and unique character have brought him quite a fewadmirers who consider him their mentor for success. all these have helped laythe cornerstone for the jiahao group.

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