a chinese chairman came to korean konkuk university to present the rule of his success. who is he? -ag真人国际

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on theevening of february 18th, a chairmanwas standing on the platform toexpresshis rule of successin konkuk university. the concept of  "internet + life experience","similar finance "," funnel principle "and so on attracted students to enter another new world. althoughkorean students had a general knowledge about this chairmanfrom the marriage magazine"wedding 21 ", they had a certain understanding when meeting this entrepreneur.

the chairman of the jiahao group gave a speech in konkukuniversity

he is thechairman of the jiahao group——allen shi. he defined marriage market and lead the jiahao group become the first wedding industry to board on british bbc tv and fashion magazine ofwedding21. the jiahao group is also the first enterprise to sign a strategic agreement to achieve the global layout of themarriage industry with a well-known real estate. it is the first one in wedding industry that got reception from us mayor and the first enterprise tocombinefashion andwedding.

▲listened very carefully

since created in 1964, the precursor ofkonkuk university was korean political college with school motto of honest, trust, righteousness.konkuk university has more than 60years history and cultivates countless talents to become the mainstay of the community.  it is korea's top ten prestigious universities and many famous stars graduated from this university, such as lee minho, lee jong suk and shim changmin and so on. allen shi was invited tokonkukuniversity to give a speech of his rule of success. students came there earlyto get successful secrets from allen. just as allen said, the way of he thoughtis to break up knowledge to share with others. so students can  enjoy the knowledge of gluttonous feast. what allen sharing was his hardship from created business in 2008. that is also a rule of success of how he got 10billion yuan from 0.

korean host make an introduction.

it seemsto have a halo on allen, people around him can fell this special charming. thefounderpartner ofnoah fortune wei yan,commented:"allen shi isavery special one inpost-80s groups with the subversive thinking. "the huashe wealth founder jiang weiyan who is also post-80s, he said: "i admire his pioneering and determination, tomake progress in the spirit, and start from scratch to build billions of enterprises are worthy of our admiration.

▲executives and students

afterall, chairman of the jiahao group allen brought wedding industry in a peakwithin 9 years, which completely subverted the marriage industry. the focusmedia founder jiang nanchun said "someone unprecedented that no one willfollow". i believe that the jiahao group will be brilliant in thethousands of marriage enterprisesunderthe leadership of allen. it also achieved a goal of100 billion yuan annual turnover.