lan kwai fong china manager visited jiahao group,  a new conception of "happinese real estate" -ag真人国际

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chinageneral manager chen wanwen oflankwai fongand his colleagues cameto shanghai to visit the jiahao group on feb.22, 2017. they visited artizstudio and palace de elysee, finally they came to head office to meet allen.they talked aboutpossiblecooperation in the future. chen showed her interest in "happy realestate" mentioned by allen. whileallen praised lan kwai fong that is a vibrant and fashionable real estate groupwhich is veryrhythmic withjiahao‘s conception.the springis coming, and we believe "happy real estate" between the jiahaogroup and lan kwai fong real estate group will gradually bloom.

▲chen wanwen and jiahao‘s executives

lan kwaifong has been awarded the grand bauhinia medalist by the hong konggovernment, the famous jewish businessman to develop large retail andintegrated entertainment centers and luxurious resorts throughout asia. underthe leadership of sheng zhiwen, each project created by the group embodies theessence of its "pursuit of excellence" and is integrated into theinternational level of joy and creative elements. lan kwai fong group's projectsinclude: hong kong entertainment hot spots lan kwai fong restaurant bar area,thailand phuket andara luxury villas and holiday apartments, "lan kwaifong chengdu" fashion entertainment district, all over china, hong kongand southeast asia.

▲chen is listening to artiz's introduction

besimilar with the growth lan kwai fong, the jiahao group is growing based onwedding photography. itopens themarket inunique korean fashionand lead wedding photography market "korean style". then the jiahaogroup expanded the whole industry chain of marriage industry, includng weddinghall, wedding dress, men clothes, children's photography. in the end of 2015,it achieved annual turnover over 10 billion. in 2016, the jiahao group based onwedding industry, and gradually involved in the field of culture,entertainment, film and television. the founder allen put forward the"happy real estate" concept this year to open the "offlineentity 2.0" model.

lan kwai fong project in wuxi

"happyreal estate" refers to the user can feel happy in the process of offlineconsumption, that is not just shopping pleasure. at this point, the jiahaogroup and lan kwai fong have a sufficient foundation. photographic stores of the jiahao group and lan kwai fongrestaurant bars, luxury resorts are successful experience. the jiahao group andlan kwai fong haveconsiderableroom for cooperation in the field of happiness in 2017, including the jiahaogroup's dress, photography brand settled in lan kwai fong's commercial may be the two sides to create a new brand of entertainment, catering. ibelieve that the two sides will reach cooperation and face new challengesof 2017to "happy real estate" as abreakthrough to the country and even southeast asia.

headquartered in shanghai, the jiahao group is committedto developing global cultural industries. in the culture, education,photography, wedding dress, haute couture, jewelry, hospitality,film-television, network, finance and industrial real estate industries, thejiahao group has invested in 30 upscale brands. with about 150 subsidiaries,the group has an annual turnover of 10 billion yuan and is gradually forming anindependent ecosystem of cultural industries. now the group has grown into an internationalintegrated investment group.