the founder of forcus media: only artiz studio represents korean-ag真人国际

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jiang nanchun  

founder of focus media

in 1998, he occupied shanghai’s 95% it advertising agency market withthe enterprise revenue exceedin 50 million yuan

in 2003, he founded focus media, and then he obtained venture investmentof nearly usd 50 million in the following two years

in 2005, he successfully debarked at nasdaq and became the no. 7 in “hurunit rich list”

in 2006, he was rated as the no. 25 “most influential business leader inchina”

in 2007, he won the title of “influential persons of the year in china’seconomy”

in2010, he won the award of “young entrepreneurs of the year”

asa media worker, i think jiahao group is nothing short of a myth. it has setfoot in the wedding industry for only nine years, but it has overturned thewhole industry, which i think is unprecedented. its rapid expansion and rigorous brand matrix will amaze its peers in the same industry. i believe jiahao group will become a giant enterprise in the wedding industry, a trillion yuan-level industry. on this basis, i believe it will lighten the whole wedding industry and make the whole society know and respect the workers in the wedding industry. this is a great feat, i think.

artizstudio, as the first project that the jiahao group invested in, has become theno.1 in korean-style wedding photography turnover and average pricerespectively in nine years, which can be regarded as a miracle. relying on theproduct r&d center that the jiahao group set up early in korea, artiz studio allows domestic brides and bridegrooms to synchronously enjoy somelatest, most trendy and coolest techniques and concepts of korea. now,i amunder the impression that only artiz studiorepresents korean-style wedding photography.

thejiahao group has changed and created a lot since setting foot in the weddingindustry, while personally i think the greatest breakthrough it has made in the wedding industry is that what it engages in seems to be wedding photography butactually is fashion. it may be hard for you to imagine that the jiahao group’s annual meeting is held at shanghai gymnasium, and many stars and popular singers express support to it.  jiahao’s employees walk red carpet and sign with a gold pen, looking like stars. this makes me realize that jiahao is different from others, as the fashion circle, so many stars and the fashion ip have integrated into the gene of jiahao.

manypeople do not know how big the wedding industry which the jiahao group is inis. actually, it is a trillion yuan-level industry and even a ten trillion yuan-level industry. most of people may experience only one wedding in theirlifetime, so middle class may invest heavily in their wedding – probably the most important consumption in their life in the process of consumption upgrading. perhaps, in addition to investment in house property, investment in wedding may be the biggest expense in their lifetime

catching this largest consumption time window in people’s lifetime, the jiahao group has created a full industry chain. i believe the business volume in the full wedding industry chain will rapidly increase in the future market. with the rising of middle class, quality and innovation will bring more powerful breakthroughs. i expect that the jiahao group, a ten billion yuan-level enterprise, will step into the troop of a hundred billion-yuan enterprises.