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on january 10, 2017,popular singer-composer li ronghao, immortal prince of love songs jeff changand grammy awards giant star charli xcx together presented a fascinating springfestival gala for tens of thousands of audiences with the theme of “fashion& wedding” at shanghai gymnasium. the organizer of the gala was the jiahaogroup, the no. 1 company in the industry integrating the wedding industry andthe fashion field. the jiahao group, as the leader of the wedding industry,owns about 30 brands of wedding photography, high-end wedding dress, one-stopwedding hall etc, while many meticulous people have found that jiahao hasappeared at many concerts and its founder has become a popular figure in thefashion circle. any other enterprise in the wedding industry is unable to do soand cannot understand the reason. for this, allen shi, the founder of thejiahao group, expressed that:    

the jiahao group is different from other enterprises in the wedding industry, as we have been running according to the standards of the fashion industry.

those who were present at the spring festival gala are the pioneers inthe fashion circle and super stars in the music circle. jeff chang, the prince of love songs, is the idol of the post-80s and has unutterable charisma amongthe post-80s, whose songs are always sung in china’s ktv. he sang the song love is like a tide at shanghai gymnasium, satisfying the audience to the full.  

li ronghao, as a“mesozoic”, is a contemporary singer-composer in china’s pop music circle. his popular works such as li bai and model have been spread all over china. if you walk on the road, you may hear a passing-by young guy singing “if i canstart again, i’ll choose li bai”. li ronghao represents the model of contemporary chinese fashion.

charli xcx has been walking at the leading edge of world fashion. although she is so young, she has comeupon the stages of grammy awards, brit awards and other global music feasts. hersongs such as boom clap and i love it have swept around the world and her work fancy has been rated as the most popular song of the year on america’s billboard. if we use a word to describe charli xcx’s music style,it must be “cool”.

the joining of these three super stars lit the night sky above shanghai gymnasium on january 10 and presented a feast of “fashion” to the audience.  

certainly, only inviting severalstars cannot be called fashion. when an enterprise’s attributes, including its products, services and corporate culture, truly integrate with “fashion”elements, stars will naturally draw close to it without invitation. in this regard, allen shi and the jiahao group have performed very well, so his namehas been included in the vvip list of "fashion & rocks", a global music event, and he can sit beside the global chairman.

the jiahao group has sponsored the concerts for jang geun-suk, rain, twins and other super stars andhas invested hundreds of millions of yuan in korea to establish the startraining school ct—center. in addition, many celebrities from all walks of life choose jiahao’s brands for wedding photography and baby photography. it can beseen that the jiahao group has close relationships with stars. it is because jiahao’s foresight in fashion and craftsmanship that makes jiahao and itsbrands become a fashionable choice.

we have talked about fashion so much, but what does fashion really mean?many people mention fashion and popularity in the same breath, but actually itis not the case. simply speaking, fashion can be popular in a limited scope. iffashion is widely popular, how can people have the feel of fashion? pursuingfashion is a kind of “art”. imitation and conformity is only the “initialstage” of fashion, while the highest stage is to extract the nature and truemeaning of fashion from rounds of fashion trends so as to enrich people’saesthetics and taste and create unique beautiful “templates” for them. pursuingfashion does not lie in passively following but rationally and maturely drivingfashion.    

li xiaotao, director of public relations department of the jiahao group,revealed that jiahao’s investment in cultural industries has achieved goodresults this year. thus, it is expected that jiahao will invest more in fashionand culture fields in 2017 than that in this year. it will invest in at least5-10 cultural and entertainment projects, including concerts, films and tv plays, so as to achieve the enterprise goal of “happiness industryglobalization”.

in traditional views,wedding seems to have nothing to do with fashion, while as time goes on, the subjects getting married are mainly the generation born after 1985. this generation tends to highlight personality and imitate stars’ wedding.foresighted mr. allen shi, chairman of the jiahao group, has sown the seeds offashion trend for jiahao at the beginning of the business, and until 2016, the time was ripe for the growth of seeds with great achievements. i believe the concept “fashion & wedding” will shine in 2017.  

jiahao’s “fashion &wedding” spring festival gala held at shanghai gymnasium on january 10 has madethe audiences see the passion and sparks generated by the collision between fashion and wedding and the whole society hear the strongest voice of theindustry.

headquartered in shanghai, the jiahao group is committed to developing global cultural industries. in the culture, education, photography, weddingdress, haute couture, jewelry, hospitality, film-television, network, financeand industrial real estate industries, the jiahao group has invested in 30 upscale brands. with about 450 subsidiaries, the group has an annual turnoverof 10 billion yuan and has gradually formed an independent cultural industrial ecosphere. in recent years, it has developed into an international,comprehensive investment group.