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on december 21, 2016, zhu yu, deputy general manager and generalmanager of investment-attracting of wanda group (the real estate overlord inthe world) in east china, and his entourages visited the jiahao group, a giantin the happiness industry. they visited artiz studio, touch baby, one-stopwedding hall – elysee palace, and jiahao’s e-commerce headquarters. they alsohad friendly talks with allen shi, chairman of the jiahao group, and lixiaotao, director of public relations department of jiahao, discussing in depthpotential cooperation in the future.        

wanda group, the largest real estate enterprise in the world, visited jiahao just for its influence and leading position in the happiness industry.this negotiation between the two parties will lay a solid foundation for thefollowing cooperation.  

group photo of the two parties at the flagship storeof artiz studio in shanghai

you all must not feel strange about wanda group. wandagroup was founded in 1988 and now it has formed four main industrial groupsincluding commerce, culture, network technology and finance. in 2015, itsassets reached 634 billion yuan and revenue 290.1 billion yuan.

wanda commercial properties is the largest real estateenterprise and the owner of the largest five-star hotel in the world. wandacultural group is the largest cultural enterprise in china, the largest cinemaoperator in the world and the largest sports company in the world. wandanetwork technology group focuses on online and offline integration and creatinga new generation of iot mode. wanda financial group is devoted to traditionalfinancial services.

wanda group aims to reach the assets of usd 200billion, the market value of usd 200 billion, the revenue of usd 100 billionand the net margin of usd 10 billion and become a world-class transnational enterprise.

introduction to the close relations between artizstudio and korean stars

wanda group’s senior management experienced jiahao-style services when visiting artiz studio.

li xiaotao, directorof public relations department of the jiahao group, introduced the key pointsand details about service in daily process: brand logo on the door mat,korean-style arrangement of flowers, and protocol of service staff.

this is the reason why there are so many customer svisiting artiz studio. artiz studio is very strict with details. it implements whole-course steward-type service process, trying not to bring regret tocustomers in each detail.

introduction to jiahao’ s history

lixiaotao introduced the eight years’ growth history of jiahao to wanda group’s senior management: jiahao started from scratch and has developed into an enterprisewith the annual turnover of 10 billion yuan, has invested in more than 30 high-endbrands, owns more than 450 industrial subsidiaries, and has established 13 international branches and commercial centers.

at the beginning of the establishment of jiahao, allen shi was determined tooverturn the wedding photography industry. now, he has realized his goal.jiahao is leading the whole happiness industry, and it has developed acoordinated industry chain covering wedding photography, wedding dress, jewelry,wedding shoes, wedding hall, maternity center, kids’ photography etc and formeda closed loop of the happiness industry.

the jiahao group can bring you full happiness.  

jiahao e-commerce team of 1,000 members

oneis the no.1 real estate enterprise in the world, and another is the leader inthe pan-happiness industry. it is expected that these two giants can havecooperation in multiple fields.

wanda group is the largest cultural enterprise in china, with the total asset of 90.3 billion yuan and the annual revenue reaching 51.2 billion yuan in 2015. it owns four companies including film and tv, sports, tourism and children’s entertainment. it aims to become a cultural enterprise with the revenue ranking 5th worldwide by 2020.

jiahao is determined to develop the world’s cultural industry and gradually form anindependent cultural industry ecosphere.

one focuses on extensive development, while anotherone is devoted to vertical development. in 2017, parent-child paradise, weddinghotel and other emerging industries are likely to be successfully driven byjiahao and wanda.

with the improvement of people’s living standards, people’sspiritual pursuit will be higher and higher, and the whole market of the happiness industry is rapidly developing.

catching such an opportunity, jiahao and wanda will jointly overturn this industry again. it is expected that cooperation between the both parties will be asuccess and they will globalize the happiness industry.