founder of focus media jiang nanchun listened to chairman allen shi’s introduction to the h结婚产业的巨大潜力 -ag真人国际

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on december 29, 2016, jiang nanchun, founder of focus media and leader of chinese media, visited jiahao in. group, a leading enterprise in the wedding industry. allen shi, chairman of the jiahao group,personally received him and introduced in detail jiahao’s growth history tothis billionaire ranking 10th in hurun it rich list. one of these two is one of “shanghai’s top 10 outstanding youths 2006”and another is one of “shanghai’s outstanding young entrepreneurs2012”. both of them are excellent successful entrepreneurs starting fromscratch, so they have many common things to talk about. in the one hour communication, jiang nanchun wasamazed by the huge market scale of the wedding industry, and jiahao’s success overturned his imagination of the wedding industry. he highly praised jiahao’se-commerce mode and complete brand strategy as well as its wedding photographybrand artiz studio’s operation mode. allen shi expressed that he had benefiteda lot from jiang nanchun, a wise and low-key entrepreneur. these two courageousindustrial explorers expect that jiahao in. group and jiang nanchun can havecooperation at more levels in the financial field in 2017.  

jiang nanchun is a well-deserved media tycoon. in1993, as a junior student of east china normal university, he took up the postof general manager of yongyi advertising co., ltd. in 2001, yongyi’s revenuereached 150 million yuan, thus rising to fame in shanghai’s advertising circle. in may 2003, jiang nanchun established focus media, acting as the boardchairman and ceo, and from then on he started his legendary road as the no. 1figure in china’s advertisement media circle. on july 13, 2005, focus media was successfully listedon nasdaq in america, becoming the first pure chinese advertisement media stocklisted overseas, and it set the ipo record with a raised fund of usd 172million. 11 years later, jiang nanchun stood in the first echelon of chinesefortune together with ma yun, ren zhiqiang, shen nanpeng and other powerfulfigures. countless cases have made jiang nanchun have his own uniqueunderstanding of brand strategy.

at hong kong international entrepreneurs festival heldon december 15, 2016, jiang nanchun delivered a speech at the summit forumthemed “hong kong + dream”. according to him, chinese enterprises basicallyhave two choices in the future transformation process: first, learning fromsuch enterprises as starbucks to develop our own brands; second, staying on thesandbeach of price war because of homogenization. so, i think in the following 10 years, the tide of consumption upgrading tends to eliminate competitions forlow prices and low quality. a new era centering on the needs of mainstreamusers is coming, and a brand era centering on winning users’ hearts is coming.  

what coincides with jiang nanchun’s concept of “mentalproperty” is chairman allen shi’s future brand strategy for its wedding 2008, when the brand landed in shanghai, allen shi determined the high-endroute. in that era, when the average price of wedding photography was3,000-4,000 yuan, jiahao blazed a brand route of “high-end korean-style weddingphotography”, with the average price of 10,000 yuan. in addition, it integratedmajor beauty makeup studios, wedding dresses, customized suits, handmade photoalbums and other resources. when other brands still highlighted photography, allenshi had created a wedding photography brand matrix. eight years later, thisbrand has covered 56 first- and second-tier cities nationwide and left abeautiful impression to each new couple with wonderful, elegant scenes and considerate services.

in fact, all brands of jiahao have their own brandveins. although wedding photography, customized suits and one-stop weddinghalls seem to be independent branches in the wedding industry, the logic ofbrand operation is similar. in today’s society where mainstream consumers arethe market, an enterprise will be weeded out if not having its own brandadvantages and innovation. in other words, today’s brands must be morepractical than ever before. to make consumers have the impulse to buy your products or services, you must give them a reason to buy, which is the corefactor. it would be best if this reason is not price.

through communication, allen shi and jiang nanchun have had enough tacit understanding. similar entrepreneurial experience,coincident brand strategy concept and low-key personality have made them drawcloser to each other invisibly. as investors with sufficient capital, allen shiand jiang nanchun will carry out more multi-level cooperation in the financial field to realize a win-win situation in 2017. i believe, this will be an opportunity for the birth of a brand new “seductive” brand.

headquartered in shanghai,the jiahao group is committed to developing global cultural industries. in theculture, education, photography, wedding dress, haute couture, jewelry,hospitality, film-television, network, finance and industrial real estate industries, the jiahao group has invested in 30 upscale brands. with about 450subsidiaries, the group has an annual turnover of 10 billion yuan and is gradually forming an independent ecosystem of cultural industries. now thegroup has grown into an international integrated investment group.