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on november 27, jiahao’slarge-scale campaign “impression of jiahao” came to beijing. “impression ofjiahao” is the open day of jiahao, aimed at promoting mutual understandingbetween jiahao and university students. most of the students participating inthis “impression of jiahao” activity are those who have listened to chairmanallen shi’s speech “reproduce success” at peking university. out of admiration,they came to participate in the activity, hoping to visit this enterprisevaluing talents. the activity was conducted at w beijing chang’an, therepresentative of luxury fashion hotels in beijing, which is consistent withjiahao in style, theme and contents. jiahao opens arms to university studentsand embraces the future in the way of open day.  

“impression of jiahao” at w beijing chang’an

w beijing chang’an is located at no. 2, jianguomen south street,chaoyang district, beijing. “w” is a luxury fashion brand of starwood hotelsand resorts and w beijing chang’an is the first w brand hotel in beijing. enteringw beijing chang’an, you can experience an accommodation atmosphere full offashion, music and sense of design. the t-shape corridor made of transparentstone in the lobby on the first floor and the 3d-effect pendant lamps composedof 26,000 light sources create a fantastic world of shadow and light; the musicthat professional djs customize and update every month for w brings wonderfulmusical enjoyment; open-type bathtubs, bar counters and signature w beds in theguest rooms present smart design and humanistic concern. all of these areconsistent with the style of jiahao, which is devoted to globalization of thehappiness industry and cultural industry investment. these beijing studentshave fully experienced jiahao’s culture and the atmosphere there.  artiz studio, a high-end wedding photography brand of jiahao was thefirst station to receive the students from peking university, university ofinternational business and economics and other famous colleges anduniversities, allowing these university students to appreciate the charm ofkorean-style wedding photography at short range. with the further improvementof people’s material life level, the wedding industry will certainly burstforth great potential. jiahao, as the leader of the wedding industry, isconfident that it will become one of the top 300 chinese enterprises by 2020and hopes to bring happy and beautiful memories to more new couples.  

artiz studio in beijing

after visiting artiz studio, the students came to wbeijing chang’an. they sat at the fengshang hall, listening to the detailedintroduction to jiahao. through this link, the students have known deeper about jiahao.

jiahao owns more than 30 sub-brands

in the activity, some korean employees of jiahao gavea speech, introducing their growth experience at jiahao. jiahao has clearpromotion channels, so all employees can develop towards the position andsalary they expect and reproduce success by making great efforts, they said.

foreign employees are sharing their own experience at jiahao

listening to jiahao employees’speeches, the studentswere so excited, bursting into rounds of applause. the following was the interviewlink. the students tried to present their best side to the interviewers.

the interview link is in progress

the interviewer are carefully reading the students’ resume

after the interviews, the “impression of jiahao”activity came to an end. jiahao’s senior management expressed: “these studentshave high quality and some of them are expected to reach a monthly income of20,000 yuan. we are confident in leading them well. we will allocate a mentorfor each graduate student, helping them solve problems in work and mental problemsso that they can transform from university students to career talents as fastas possible. we believe these new comers will become the pillars of jiahao inthe near future.”

the jiahao group, headquartered in shanghai, china, is determined to develop global cultural industries. at present, its investmenthas involved culture, education, wedding, high-end formal dress customization,jewelry, hotel, film and television, network, finance, industrial real estateand other industries, and it has invested in about 30 high-end brands. owningmore than 150 subsidiary industrial corporations, it has reached the annualturnover of over 10 billion yuan and has gradually formed an independent cultural industrial ecosphere. in recent years, it has developed into aninternational, comprehensive investment group.