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from november 19, a strange phenomenon appeared in the wedding industrial circle or korea: a group of visitors were received by director-level senior managementand enjoyed vip treatment no matter where they went – wedding photographystudios, wedding dress galleries, or wedding halls, and these senior managementclearly knew that these visitors would not consume anything. more incredibly,it seemed that the top five behind-scene tycoons in the wedding industry hadmade peace even though they were rivals before. they sat at a same table toreceive this group of distinguished guests coming from china.

these guests are the delegation of jiahao's directors. in this tour to korea, theyvisited five wedding studios, seven kids’ photography studios, eight brandwedding dress galleries, and eight wedding halls, including such excellententerprises taking the lead in the industry as four seasons, leplein studio, and el tower. korean overlord-level wedding industry chain platform iweddingarranged the hotel and itinerary for them and appointed the alternate representative to receive the delegation of jiahao's directors.  

group photo of the delegation of jiahao’s directors and korean reception personnel inkorea

who is the jiahao group? you can search it on the internet. it is a low-key but powerful enterprise. those brides and bridegrooms preparing for their weddingmay not know the jiahao group, but they know artiz studio, elysee palace andother high-end brands of jiahao. actually, jiahao's investment covers wedding photography,one-stop wedding hall, wedding dress and jewelry, and it has truly realized acomplete, closed industry chain. jiahao is real jumbo enterprise in china’swedding industry.

on the afternoon, when the delegation of jiahao's directors just arrived, theyreceived iwedding's flowers and hospitable treatment. they started the visitafter checking in the 5-star hotel ritz-carlton.  

in the following days, the delegation of jiahao’s directors visited all excellententerprises ranking top in korea’s wedding industry, such as la vie douce wedding hall, which was transformed from the villa of the former president ofsouth korea. featuring the style of house wedding, it is well-known amongmiddle and upper class in korea for its tranquil private estate and leisurely and comfortable lawn wedding.  

la vie douce's housewedding style has moved countless brides

overlooking the private estate fromthe balcony on the second floor

they also visited the most expensive wedding hall in korea – fourseason. it unveileditself in front of the delegation of jiahao's directors. glorious lobby and impressive layout together present a luxury wedding space.

providing dignified experience to brides and bridegrooms has been the goal of four season

perfectinterior decoration sets off the elegance of the environment

original lamps are the best line

another enterprise they visited was high-end wedding hall - thr chapel, which is aplace every korean girl dreams of. magnificent ritual hall and sacred missapaean together generates a happy and solemn smell. this is just the sense ofritual that each new couple expects.  

briefbut brilliant style of the ritual hall

church-like thr chapel brings the sense ofritual the new couples expect

in addition to introducing their own business to the delegation of jiahao’sdirectors, these excellent enterprises in korea’s wedding industry elaborately planned a series of activities. iwedding well organized a friendly bowling match between the enterprises and a long-table meeting where people talked freely about the future. after the banquet, they left for a bar for the nextactivity… it can be said that these korean leading entrepreneurs tried everymeans to receive the delegation of jiahao's director.

iwedding elaborately planneda bowling match

the head portraits of jiahao's directors and korean leading entrepreneurs areprepared in advance as the background

why did these korean leading entrepreneurs do so? because jiahao has so manysuccessful cases about its investment in korea’s wedding industry! for example, kin longshan, the founder of artiz studio, wandered in korea with his photography dream in 2008, when he was discovered occasionally by allen shi,chairman of the jiahao group today. allen shi invested heavily to support kim young-seon in operation. in as short as eight years, artiz stuio has become alarge transnational chain group engaging in wedding photography, which owns more than 80 wedding photography studios worldwide. these korean entrepreneursbelieve that jiahao is not only a key to open chinese market but also an opportunity to take for enterprise takeoff.

on the other hand, jiahao has been taking introducing korean excellent enterprisesto serve the chinese public as its duty. all of its brands, whether wedding photography, wedding dress, wedding hall or kids’photography, are technically supported by korean top studios and enterprises. in the ways of investment, buyingshares or engagement with large sum of money, jiahao tries to bring thestate-of-the-art concepts, technologies and talents into china, which is one ofthe core reasons for jiahao's breaking through an annual turnover of 10 billionyuan.

groupphoto of the delegation of jiahao’s directors and korean leading entrepreneurs

jiahao and korean top enterprises in the wedding industry have forma a mutualbeneficial, win-win team. this successful visit of the delegation of jiahao’sdirectors further verifies the friendship and harmony between both parties. theaims of jiahao and korean excellent enterprises in the wedding industry are coincident, that is, to connect the wedding industry of china and korea together in full scope and allow each new couple in china and even the world totruly enjoy pure korean-style makeup, photography and wedding ritual.