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on the afternoon of march25, 2017, the jiahao group held the “annual supplier conference 2017”, supplierrepresentatives from all over china arrived at the headquarters of the jiahao group in shanghai. they visited the headquarters of the jiahao group accompanied by jiahao people and participated in the conference. ms. ye di, ceoof the jiahao group, presented the five outstanding suppliers with awards.since founded in 2008, jiahao has occupied 70% korean-style wedding photography market shares, which should be attributed to the constant efforts and upgradeof jiahao people and all suppliers. we believe the jiahao group will furtherjoin hands with the suppliers to integrate the upstream and downstream industrychains and make concerted effort to provide top-quality services for consumersin the future.

the supplier representatives are visiting the headquarters of thejiahao group

representatives of more than 100 suppliers including canon, fantac andother transnational enterprises attended the supplier conference. after thewelcoming speech, the host started to introduce the prospect of china’s weddingindustry and jiahao’s strategic map of global distribution. then, the playing of the blessing vcr of mermaid princess christy chung, love song prince jeffchang, popular singer-composer li ronghao, grammy awards giant star charli xcxand many other celebrities drew round after round of applause. in the vcr,jiang nanchun, founder of focus media, said: “as a media worker, i think the jiahao group is nothing short of a myth. it has set foot in the weddingindustry for only nine years, but it has overturned the whole industry, which ithink is unprecedented. its rapid expansion and rigorous brand matrix willamaze its peers in the same industry. i believe the jiahao group will become agiant enterprise in the wedding industry, a trillion yuan-level industry.” whathe said made all suppliers feel very proud, as behind the praise is thecontribution made by the suppliers.

excellent supplier representatives of the jiahao group

in the award presentation link at the supplier conference, fivesuppliers including yonghe album making, rongxin century culture media,hengjing photography, new bochang photo frame making, and aini image producing were rated as the “excellent suppliers of jiahao 2016”, where ms. ye di, ceo of the jiahao group, presented the five excellent suppliers with flowers, medalsand certificates.

award presentation for the five excellent suppliers

to make more suppliers establish a good supply relationship with the jiahao group and realize mutuallybeneficial cooperation, liu gailiang, director of purchase department,explained jiahao’s supplier evaluation criteria – 40% for quality, 25% forprice, 25% for delivery and 10% for service, hoping that all suppliers canimplement the criteria to create a win-win new normal. with the improvement of china’s consumption level, product quality has become a major indicator ofconsumers’ satisfaction. correspondingly, jiahao has raised the standards forthe suppliers. this evaluation form has reflected the recent policy of thejiahao group - centering on quality to embody consumers’ benefits maximally.  

explanation of the supplier evaluation criteria

at the end of the supplierconference, each supplier representative was given the book reproduce success, create a millionaire as a gift, which is written by mr. allen shi with great efforts. this book, introducing mr. allen shi’s entrepreneurial process, is the first textbook about photographic studio management. it is hoped that the suppliers can learn experience from it and join hands with the jiahao group to realize a win-win situation and create a beautiful future.  

book presentation at the end of the conference