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on march 9, 2017, the wedding industry leader the jiahao group signed a strategiccooperation agreement with the world's leading video master canon (china) (hereinafter referred to as: canon (china)) in shanghai "canonvideo music world". the two sides will be strong combination and in-depthcooperation to jointly promote the wedding photography and baby photography and other commercial photography market image output and albumproduction standards, so that more consumers can experience the shooting techniques and high-quality image of the charm.

▲the jiahao group chairman allen(left)canon(china) east china regional headquarters chief representative huang chong (right) attended the ceremony

over the past decade, with the improvement of livingstandards, people have more needs for commercial photography, especially inwedding photography and baby photography. as a result, the domestic emerges anumber of excellent wedding photography and baby photography brands. the jiahaogroup has locked the domestic commercial photography market to invest more than20 high-end brands in photography, wedding, high-end custom dress, culture andother fields and it become the industry leader. since entered the weddingphotography market 9 years ago, the jiahao group  introduced advancedshooting technologyfrom abroad,and put fashionintotrend. at present, there are artizstudio, the queen, miss luna, am + wonkyu , sum and other high-end weddingphotography brands, as well as korean touch baby, korean seoul, one kiss and soon. in order to further enhance the consumer's shopping experience and letconsumers get a worthy collecting albums, the jiahao group selected canon(china) image input, output products.

canon and the jiahao group help wedding image to upgrade

canon(china) represents image prograf pro series as high-quality image outputproducts, studio, photography studio and other institutions to provide inputfrom output of ideal all-round image solution. it enables the image to beachieved from the color, light effects to the details of the high-precisionreduction. canon uses environmentally friendly pigments, and it can effectivelyavoid the risk of harm to health. in addition,the image works ofcanon original supplies the outputwith high water resistance, light resistance, scratch resistance, is to achievemore long-term preservation. these advantages enable canon to help users createa collection of image output works.

artiz studio's wedding photography works are printed by canon

chairmanspecial assistant said:” "we are committed to becoming a pioneer in thefield of commercial photography, such as wedding photography and children'sphotography further consolidate our strengths through the differentiation ofhigh-end video services." in recent years, we have noticed that the demandfor wedding photography and children's photography is not only record, but alsofocused on the pursuit of image art sublimation and long-term note, so thedemand for image quality is getting higher and higher. canon can help us betterto respond these needs, the usage of canon from the input to the output of theproduct to shoot and the output of beautiful images to provide consumers with acollection of art album, these are different from other photographic an industry leader, we advocate to use genuine products and work with canonto have depth of exchange research and development of future portraits of the equipment.we can establish commercial photography market and strengthen the jiahao group'sbrand competitiveness.

jiahao's chairman allen shi was visiting  canon hall

canon (china) printing products general manager you han said:"in recent years, wedding photos gradually become from'necessities'into'luxury' inthe collection of happy memories. andmore and more parents want to record the baby's growth through photos justlikewedding photography and babyphotography. commercial image output field is canon's great potential market.we are very pleased to reach strategic cooperation with the jiahao group inthe wedding industry, and we want topromote the wedding photography andother commercial image output specifications upgradethrough canon high-quality imagesolutions to help commercial image output industry transformation and growth.”

collection photo of the jiahao group and canon(china)

thestrategic cooperation agreement between the jiahao and canon has greatsignificance for the development of wedding photography and baby photography. the two sides will continue to deepen cooperation and constantly improvethe wedding photography, baby photography and other commercial image outputspecifications for consumers to bring top-level shooting experience and higherquality image services.