the jiahao group joined venture with huashe, cross-ag真人国际

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on april 18, the jiahao group, the leader of the wedding industry, and high-end financemanagement huashe wealth held opening ceremony of buyout fund in shanghai. thecross-border cooperation partners invested 1 billion rmb to set galleria on theroad to an international career. apart from that the cooperation itself is dedicated to promote upscale wedding services to international high-end industry and society.

the press conference was held in asian high-end wedding hall—galleria.

bothjiahao group and huase wealth are looking forward towards expending frames of upscale industry and creating infinite possibilities in future.

during signing ceremony, chairman of the jiahao group allen shi and chairman of huashe wealth weiyan jiang as well as the founder of galleria lee dong-heon brief opening speeches. they indicated that they will work together to witness the beginning and development of the cooperation.

at the show case, world famous model and actress lynn hung wore astonishing dress of collaborated grace kelly. ms. hung was impressed by wedding standards, choreography of stage light as well as romantic atmosphere and quality of service.

within recent five years, galleria – upscale onestop wedding venue – has became a favorable choice for countless couples due toits convenience and respectable efficiency.

the galleria brand has entered shanghai in 2013,and almost immediately became a leader among one-stop wedding centers.

cooperation among jiahao group and huashe wealth is a next step towards moving to even higher global stage.

it is expected that galleria will use funds to merge and acquire other brands and properties to expend rapidly. amount of venues to be increased from current 3 to 12 within this year, both within first- and second-tier cities.

chinese wedding industry has developed into a large-scale platform with enormous potential. according to the study of cic, chinese marriage couples will reach 11.84 million and wedding market revenue will reach 1,464 billion yuan in 2017. cagr of next 5 years (2017-2021) is about 23.11%, while market size will reach 3,363 billion yuan in 2021.

maturity of wedding industry results in rapid development of revenue generating chain: wedding dress, wedding photography,wedding service, wedding feast, jewelry, etc., what as well supports endless business opportunities.  

the jiahao group, being a leader of wedding industry,within 9 years of its operations has invested in various industry fields, such as: wedding photography, dress and service. not to mention that the group is always exploring future possibilities of the industry. both financial and wedding fields have a good fit, which provides perfect example of cooperationof domestic practitioners.

in addition to the investment of galleria, huashe wealthalso will strive to develop the wedding market.

the wedding industry has became main stream following food delivery and mobile phone industry.

the jiahao group seizes the opportunity to be “star enterprise”. the pioneering cooperation between thejiahao group and huashe wealth will be the most remarkable event of chinese wedding industry in 2017.