the only chinese interviewed by the north america media, allen:stand on the moon to hold wedding   -ag真人国际

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april 20, 2017. the 2018spring and summer new york wedding fashion week opened its with a bang, underthe bright lights of the fashion capital of the world and the entire gaze ofthe global wedding industry. the wedding fashion week has become the place tobe for seeing and selecting the latest wedding gown styles. it is also the bestplatform for designers and wedding industry leaders to derive theirinspirations; where the most unique, most inspired ideas emerged and the annual fashion week, the top wedding dress designers from all over theworld gathered together to present their new designs. in this ny weddingfashion week, there’s a familiar figure, thatis the pioneer of the chinese wedding industry, allen shi.

celebrities andmedias gathered in 2018 spring and summer new yorkwedding fashion week

the founder of the jiahao groupas well as the founder of the entire marriage culture industry chain model,allen shi, imported korean style wedding photography to mainland china. throughusing the “internet + marketing” model instead of unilateral physical stores model, allen shi hascreated the miracle of 0 to 10 billion rmb annual revenue within just 8 years.he created numerous “firsts”and was called  “theindustry subverter,” and “thejack ma of the wedding industry” by peers. for thistime, appeared in new york wedding fashion week, he had a long and profoundexchange with the founders and designers of many well-known brands. as the onlychinese wedding company leader interviewed by north american journalists, heanswered questions about future in-depth cooperation with leading global brandssuch as marchesa and berta, and whether there would be any new action tosubvert the marriage industry. allen shi left a thoughtful answer to thesequestions as well as this promise, “for the next step, we will stand on themoon to hold the first wedding ceremony there.”

the founder of the jiahao group-allen shi was being interviewed by the northamerica journalists.

the founder of the jiahao group-allen shi (second on the right) with grace-thechief editor of floridabrides magazine (second on the left).

the founder of the jiahao group-allen shi (left) with david- marchesaceo (right)

the founder of the jiahao group-allen shi (left) with bertabalilti-the bertachief designer (right)

jiahao group europe and america division director - eric with nir fromberta

in this regard, we interviewedthe jiahao group’s europe and america division director, eric.

eric explained to us that, “ ‘standingon the moon to see the earth’ is a metaphor to see things from an innovationperspective, where we can see and understand the nature of globalization and itsprofound impact on romance, fashion, and the wedding industry. this representsour innovative concepts and global outlook. the jiahao group always has beencommitted to globalizing the happiness industry. and in recent years, it willkeep endeavoring to integrate the wedding industry into the fashion world andto build up the fashion & wedding concept. in the future, the jiahao groupwill try to reach more in-depth cooperation with fashion insiders,entertainers, celebrities, as well as more and more international brands. that’s the jiahao group’s nextaction to subvert the wedding industry once more.”

marchesa 2018 spring and summer series show

berta 2018 spring and summer series show and itsdesigner-berta balilti (the seventh from right)

in the past few years, in order to achievethe globalization of fashion & wedding, the jiahao group continuouslycooperated with the entertainment industry. first, it successively sponsoredthe concerts of many stars like psy, rain, jang keun suk, twins, and more.then, at the end of 2016, the jiahao group invited jeff chang, shin-che,youngho lee, and charli xcx to present an exhilarating spring festivalgala that became the model cooperation case between the wedding industry andthe entertainment world. subsequently, at the beginning of 2017, the jiahaogroup sponsored the running man concertin hong kong as well as hosted the exo north americatour. as part of this new york project, after the ny weddingfashion week, the senior executives of the jiahao group will visit the new yorkstop and the l.a. stop of the exo north americaconcert as part of the company strategy for globalizing the fashion& wedding concept.

it is reported that the 2017 annual “fashion & wedding” gala of the jiahaogroup has been initially set on december 6. which international star willattend this gorgeous gala? what kind of visual"gluttonous feast" will be presented in this time? bet you can’t wait to find out!