the jiahao group, korean iwedding and rk properties  work together to enter the hong kong market -ag真人国际

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on may 3, chairman allen of the jiahao group went to hong kong to visit rkproperties leaders together with the representatives of korean iwedding. threeparties had intimate communication on happiness industry and real estateindustry.

chairman allen shi ofthe jiahao group had dinner with ceo shan weibao of rk properties

on the second day, ceo and gm of rk properties chen jinxiong showed thedelegations around the hong kong headquarters and introduced their developmenthistory to the jiahao group and korean iwedding. additionally, he presented theoverall planning, design concepts and progress of different projects in thefuture.

ceo and gm of rk propertieschen jinxiong showed the delegations around the hong kong headquarters.

outside harbor view ofrk properties

ceo and gm of rkproperties chen jinxiong introduced its development condition.

founded in 2003, headquartered in harbour city, hong kong, rk properties groupwas the no.1 in foreign invested real estate enterprise and under the list of top30 in china real estate enterprises. their business scope has spread to nineprovinces and municipalities in china. in the past few years, rk propertiesgroup has focused on investment, development and sales of domestic residentialprojects, including high and low-rise residential, apartments, large-scaleintegrated residences or villas. this year, rk properties successively signed newprojects including "pastoral complex project" in yongqing county,hebei, residential project in foshan, guangdong. insisting on the concept thatdiligently builds every house to create quality life, rk properties group aims tobe landmark project in every region it concerned depending on its advanceddesign and sophisticated construction products.

the jiahao group, headquartered in shanghai, china, isdetermined to develop the world cultural industry. currently, the jiahao grouphas invested in many fields, including more than 30 high-end brands in culture,education, photography, wedding dresses, high-end custom designer dresses,jewelry, hotel, film, network, finance, real estate and other hasover 150 branches with over 10 billion rmb annual turnover and has rapidlyformed an independent cultural industry ecosphere.

the jiahaogroup and rk properties group have signed cooperation agreement in changzhou ondec. 16, 2016. at that time the jiahao group already has stationed many brands inrk stores in changzhou. with another connecting of the happiness industry andreal estate industry, what kind of consensus will the two sides reach? whatwill the leaders do for building an international top wedding industry? bet you can’t wait to find out.

allen shi of thejiahao group intimately communicated with the ceo and gm of rk properties chenjinxiong.

during theconversation, chen jinxiong briefly reviewed exploration development in the realestate industry of rk properties group, and was deeply aware of the importanceof innovation and professional services. he expressed: since the cooperation with the jiahao group lastyear, we both realized a certain achievement in the new industry. as no.1 in thewedding industry, the jiahao group has been committed to globalizing thehappiness industry. we are looking forward to more chances to cooperate withthe jiahao group not only in the domestic market, but also in the hong kongmarket. through mutual understanding, we will move from a small cooperationinto a big partnership to successively expand both of our businesses, andcreate a win-win relationship.”

they are having profound conversation in the meeting

allen shiof the jiahao group expressed: “it is our great honor to visit rk propertiesgroup in hong kong. what we see is not the power of rk properties group butalso global planning for the development of the project in the future. it is thesame with jiahao’s mission. with the continuous improvement of living standards,the wedding industry expands rapidly, while the online market has reachedsaturation point with the development of internet+ so that offline businessmodels emerged as new opportunities. under this circumstance, on one hand we jiahaogroup will keep innovating and launching new products, on the other hand wewill cooperate with the real estate industry to open a total new model to openthe hong kong market. the jiahao group never slow our pace to work with the realestate industry to upgrade and develop new products, to expand to the hong kongmarket and blend the happiness and commercial industries.”

group photo of the jiahao group and rk properties group

in addition, allen shi and his team also made a deep survey of thewedding market in hong kong for new stores, including in tsim sha tsui, kowloon,causeway bay, and more. it provided valuable reference for opening artiz studioin hong kong at the end of this year.

allen shi and his team are surveying the hongkong market

in order to follow the development of internet+ andextend to new markets, the jiahao group seizes good opportunities to expand theoffline presence including the hong kong market. with the deep conversation,the jiahao group marks further cooperation between the happiness and realestate industries, which will bring more cooperation for the three parties inthe future as well as more cross-industry collaboration.