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chairman allen shi and his team from the jiahao group, visited lan kwai fong group in hong kong and had a long conversation with “the father of lan kwai fong” allan zeman and ceo jonathan zeman. the jiahao group delegation was warmly received by chairman allan zeman. jiahao chairman allen shi highly praised that lan kwai fong is a vibrant real estate group standing at the forefront of modern fashion and trends. the two sides had an in-depth discussion on future cooperation in a variety of forms.

chairman of the jiahao group and ceo allan zeman of lan kwai fong group

headquartered in shanghai, the jiahao group is committed to developing global cultural industries. in the culture, education, photography, wedding dress, haute couture, jewelry, hospitality, film, network, finance and real estate industries, the jiahao group has rapidly formed an independent cultural industrial ecosphere.

multicultural lan kwai fong group got great bauhinia medal of hong kong government, entertainment brand created by jewish businessman allan zeman to develop large retail, comprehensive entertainment center and luxurious resort in asia. the business spreads in hong kong, china, and other major asian cities. with the lead of chairman allan zeman, lan kwai fong group has achieved its goal to pursue excellent quality projects and blend huge happiness and creative elements including the investment of the shanghai dream center project last year as well as the cooperation with shenzhen tefa group which cost 15 billion rmb to develop coastal leisure town—siu mui sha.

lan kwai fong group built siu mui sha project

additionally, lan kwai fong also built a project on phuket in thailand,  which is refreshing not only for its luxurious accommodation, exquisite food, spa and a variety of island activities, but also for its dreamlike wedding halls, wedding catering, flower design and after parties.  

lan kwai fong group built phuket island dreamlike wedding resort

chairman allen shi highly praised lan kwai fong’s project in phuket island. in this meeting, what will the two leaders discuss with regards to the phuket island project or other projects? what kind of deals might the two sides reach between the wedding industry and the real estate industry?

chairman allen shi of the jiahao group intimately talks with chairman allan zeman and ceo jonathan zeman of lan kwai fong group

allen shi stated:”with the rapid development of the economy and application of the “internet of things,” more and more people accept the concept of the happiness real estate industry. the lan kwai fong phuket island project blends wedding elements with other exciting ideas and that attracts many people. that is also our goal. we have kept a close friendship with lan kwai fong for many years. therefore, in order to expending domestic market and the hong kong market, we will do our best to strive for further cooperation”.

after the meeting, chairman allen presented a painting to chairman allan zeman of lan kwai fong group, and wish for close contacts in the future.

leaders of the jiahao group and lan kwai fong group

this new direction of cooperation between the real estate industry and the wedding industry to create the “happiness real estate industry” in hong kong, as well as starting new cooperation with the lan kwai fong group in mainland china to develop more dreamlike wedding projects that are similar to the phuket island project. we hold strong belief that two parties will join hands to face new challenges in the future. take the happiness real estate industry as the first breakthrough for expansion across china and even more regions globally.

in addition, allen shi also made a survey of the hong kong wedding market as preparation for the first artiz studio in hong kong. wait patiently to find out where the jiahao group will locate the new flagship artiz studio store in hong kong!