the jiahao group’s brands were on display during the shanghai wedding exhibition  -ag真人国际

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a twoday wedding fair officially ended at the shanghai expo pavilion on june 18th, 2017. every session, many chinese engaged couples attend the shanghai wedding fair to purchase their favored brands and products, because the wedding fair gathers many international famous brands. its not just a purchasing platform, but also a fashionable place. many young couples were no doubt attracted by this wedding fair. the expo pavilion was bustling with energy.

as a pioneer of the global wedding industry, the jiahao group undoubtedly participated in this exhibition. 11 outstanding brands under the jiahao group were the highlights of the wedding fair. jiahao brands featured included prewedding photography companies artiz studio, sum studio, miss luna, and the queen; highend custom dress brands grace kelly, la grace, my dream wedding; mens suit brands -top zio and boss club, as well as the wedding hall brandsgalleria and palace de elysee. all of these brands together in one place presented a great opportunity for the couples of shanghai and even for couples from all over the world. the exhibition booths of the jiahao brands were extremely hot. manyof the couples who visited the booths highly praised the excellent quality and pure korean style of the products.

it wasreported that the total turnover of this wedding fair was 923 million rmb. three of the brands under the jiahao group, artiz studio, sum studio and miss luna, were among the top six in prewedding photography. additionally, both mens suit brands top zio, boss club as well as wedding gown brands grace kelly and la grace were listed in the top 3 of their categories. these kinds of result arewhy the jiahao group attends the wedding fair each season.

at the exhibition site, the artiz studio booths were packed withpeople. numerous couples came to consult with the professional staff. they were deeply impressed by the light and beautiful makeup of artiz studio. during the consultation process, the staff gave every bride-to be professional suggestions on makeup, dresses and accessories according to their personalities and requirements. this kind of professional service attitude became a highlight of artiz studio. as the luxury brand of artiz, the queen presented splendid and glamorous prewedding portraits for every new couple at the site with its exclusive design. in addition, sum studio orientated to the after post ‘95s and it is themed as the best prewedding photography choice for the after 95 generation.” the lovely and light makeup attracted many couples to the booth. sum studios newly launched scenery lovely you meets the requirements and needs of many couples. as another highlight of jiahao brands, miss luna also attracted many customers. miss luna focuses on collecting fresh followers from all over the world to prepare its beautiful scenes for every new couple. from the decoration of the exhibition booths you can find that there are different kinds of fresh flowers in miss lunas scenery.

numerous new couples attracted by artiz studio

exclusive and unique pre-wedding portraits of the queen were displayed at the site

sum studio targets the after 95 generation

similarly, many new couples was fascinated by the creativity and decoration of the highend custom wedding gowns from grace kelly, my dream wedding, and la grace as well as by the highend mens suits from boss club and top zio. from the exquisite wedding gowns to the fashionable mens suits, jiahao brands meet the requirements of manystylish couples.

grace kelly provides the most beautiful wedding gowns for every bride-to-be.

la grace helps you to realize your princess dream.

top zio high-end mans suit

additionally, the wedding hall brand under the jiahao group galleria is themed as islandstyle wedding hall. its islandstyle decoration at the sights caught many peoples eyes. people dont need to take a long journey or even go abroad to hold an island style wedding ceremony. they can have a magnificent island wedding ceremony just in shanghai, in galleria. moreover, the yacht wedding promoted by elysee de palace was another highlight of this wedding fair. a distinctive and personalized wedding like these obviously is a wise choice for the engaged couples.

island style wedding thats only 3 miles away from you--galleria

the magnificent yacht wedding of palace de elysee

the end of a wedding fair is the start of harvest. the brands under the jiahao group were fruitful in this wedding fair. this not only shows the strength of the jiahao groups brands, but also is the customers recognition on the brands. the jiahao group will strive to innovate and create more wedding products to satisfy the demands and needs of the new couples in the future.