the jiahao group holds the spring 2017 shareholder award ceremony for senior executives  -ag真人国际

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june 1st, 2017: the jiahao group held its award ceremony for first batch senior executives in its galleria wedding hall in xuhui, shanghai. under the applause of the group’s staff, over 40 senior executives were awarded by chairman allen shi. this award ceremony aimed to praise the senior executives who shoulder the main liabilities and have made great contribution to the company, including regional ceos, studio general managers, and studio managers. this is also a good result of implementing the jiahao group’s “person + platform”model.

award ceremony for the jiahao group senior executives

the chairman of the jiahao group, allen shi, awarded the medals and certificates by himself for the senior executives and expressed his sentiments: an award ceremony is a process for issuing honor, also it is a symbol of increasing the staff’s income. as a senior executive of the jiahao group, first, you should clearly know your own value and your contribution to the company. second, you should have strong sense of responsibility and be reliable at the basic of high executive ability and decision-making ability. at last, you should know how to create a good atmosphere that can help to manage your team and lead your team members to live with higher.

the chairman of the jiahao group is sharing his management experience.

since its founding in 2008, the jiahao group has continuously developed and has created the miracle of 0 to 10 billionin annual revenue. currently, the jiahao group has invested in more than 30 highend brands and has set up more than 150 branches including commercial centers in 13 countries. as the founder and chairman of the jiahao group, allen shi was called “the industry subverter,” “the business wizard” and “the jack ma of the wedding industry” by his peers.” all of these achievements depend on the right decision and strategies of the leader. more importantly, the company’s leader constantly keeps an innovative mind and advances with the times, from his modes of thinking, to management strategies, to his human resource model.

finally, chairman allen shi emphasized: the next era must be an “interaction + content” era. the future market is in the customer’s mind. that meansthe traditional marketing method will be out of date. only by catching the inner needs and minds of the customers can we attract modern customers. similarly, only by bringing the staff together can a leader manage a team well and leads the group into a total new era so that the group can make even greater achievements!