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july 8, chime long organized a large-scale air group wedding in the safari park. this group wedding contained 227 couples. the jiahao group was the main sponsor and was invited to provide support for this fantastic event from its famous pre-wedding photography brand artiz studio and the high-end wedding gown brand grace kelly. these two outstanding brands together displayed a fashion and wedding extravaganze for all the distinguished guests. additionally, the jiahao group’s chairman, allen shi was also present to witness the happiness of these couples together with the leaders of chime long and chow tai fook.

the leader of chime long group said in the ceremony: “this wedding might be the largest scale air group wedding in the world. the chime long wild zoo takes its 227 cable cars as the wedding cars. the long cable linked all these couples up no matter where they come from. i really appreciate the strong support of the jiahao group and chow tai fook. this splendid wedding even subverted the whole marriage industry. we not only organized this special, fantastic and dreamlike wedding, but also provided the 227 couples exclusive keepsakes. the jiahao group’s grace kelly provided high-end, beautiful wedding gowns for the 227 couples. furthermore, artiz professional photography team followed the entire wedding process to shoot and record the day’s events.  that’s why this wedding event was unparalleled and that’s why it even created a new record in the entire marriage industry!”

the jiahao group’s chairman answered the question on the motivation of holding this air group wedding event with chime long and chow tai fook that: “the cooperation among the jiahao group, chime long and chow tai fook on air group wedding is an innovation and breakthrough of the traditional wedding mode. the “world’s largest scale air wedding event” must detonate the public and bring a heated topic on the change of traditional wedding mode and it also will become a new benchmark in fashion wedding field. the jiahao group has dedicated to keep fashion & wedding mode and devote to standardize the whole marriage industry which can create trillions of market. in addition, the jiahao group derives to achieve a win-win situation with the real estate industry as well as other influential industries so that the marriage business will have a brighter future through creative models and quality service but not through lower price.”

allen shi also shared background information about grace kelly wedding gowns which were worn by the brides at the event. grace kelly is a collective wedding gown brand under the jiahao group. it was named after the princess of monaco. many popular stars wore the grace kelly dresses for their fashion magazine covers, such as fan bingbing, ni ni and tiffany tang. it also becomes the first choice of angela baby, yang mi, christy chung as well as other female stars for their weddings. its retro, exquisite and luxurious design style is favored by many asian women and it’s recognized as the most suitable wedding gown band for the asian market. artiz studio, china’s most popular pre-wedding photography brand, provided its makeup and photography teams to give high quality service at the site with their extremely professional techniques.

allen shi also expressed: “since we chose to be different, we have hoped that we can provide a top service for every couple and i sincerely wish the 227 couples to live happy lives in the future after this splendid wedding event.”

almost every girl has a wonderful wedding dream. many people want to have a more splendid and more romantic wedding with a fantastic and unparalleled design than others’. that’s the original motivation that drives the whole marriage industry to such a large scale.

the relevant data showed that the accumulated transaction volume of the whole marriage industry has exceeded 800 billion rmb. due to the consumption growth, it’s predicted that the annual increasing rate of future marriage will not be less than 10%. more importantly, the marriage industry has very wide market scope, including wedding banquet, pre-wedding photography, jewelry and accessories, wedding ceremony service, wedding travel and other related fields. therefore the jiahao group, the representative of the whole industry, has dedicated to build up a comprehensive industry chain and accurately control every subordinate field of the entire marriage industry.

since its foundation, the jiahao group has committed to build up an overall industry chain for the whole marriage industry and vigorously occupy the market through continuous development and investment. it has over 150 branches including commercial centers in 13 countries. currently, it has invested 30 high-end brands in many fields, including pre-wedding photography, wedding dresses, jewelry, wedding shoes, wedding hall, baby photography and other fields. additionally, it also actively introduced vera wang, bridal veil, elie saab, pronovias and other brands such as la mer, tomford , and ysl makeup products.

nowadays wide investment scope and rapid development can truly help a company to occupy more market share and opportunities. the key factor is how to do the one-stop service extremely well. therefore, the jiahao group will diligently operate every service in various different fields to ensure that every progress is recognized by the market and also by the customers. this cooperation with chime long and chow tai fook is a new attempt. this collaboration can’t help to make us wonder, will the jiahao group launch more profound cooperation with the two parties?