to strive for your dream——the competition for position of minister at the jiahao group -ag真人国际

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july 11, 2017, the jiahao group held a competition for position of minister who will responsible for managing all the chinese photographers and makeup artists. the competitors are outstanding staff of the jiahao group. they showed their career dreams and presented their talents in front of the judges. the judges listened carefully and gave their evaluations for each competitor. the judges included the chairman allen shi, director ye di, director & ceo of oversea business division liang jihuan, regional manager of hanlin baby’s photography zhang haiyan, regional manager of jiahshuo group zhang jian, the headmaster of the jiahao college chen kuanzhou, purchasing department manager li kechun, ceo of engineering department zhou yong as well as the staff of the audit center. the entire competition was very fierce and warm.

the senior executives of the jiahao group attended the competition.

the jiahao group’s chairman allen shi was giving his speech for the competitors.

the photography department and makeup department provide the core technical support for the jiahao group. the ministers of these two departments naturally are also the supervisor and manager of the core technology and play an essential role in the development of the company. therefore, the group decided to select a chinese minister and a korean minister to ensure that photography work and makeup can go regularly and efficiently; to lead the team towards higher standards; to elevate the level of service. as for the position of minister, the company used the internal competition mode to select the potential employees and provide them orientation training to build up the enterprise talents echelon and also to provide the employees opportunities to show their abilities and improve themselves.

the makeup department’s han zhien was giving her competition speech.

photography department’s cui xun was answering the questions.

this competition was held through face to face interviews and on-line interviews. 11 internal staff members participated in it after public vote and self-recommendation. adhering to select the excellent employee who has ability and political integrity, the judges audited the abilities and performances from the basic conditions, advantages, work ideas, comprehensive qualities and other aspects. the final result was carried out in accordance with the overall consideration and evaluation of all the judges presented.

makeup department’s yin lingling was introducing herself.

makeup department’s liu lulu was giving her speech.

the judges and others were watching the competitor’s video.

the judges were evaluating every competitor’s performance seriously.

adhering to the fair principle, this competition was divided into several processes, including making a competition scheme, publishing the scheme, public registration, qualification and democratic competition. each process was strictly carried out according to the norms of the procedures. it allows every staff member to catch an opportunity to participate and to show their talents and compassion on this fair stage. it’s also helpful for the company to pick out the excellent staff members and then cultivate them into outstanding managers. additionally, this competition opened a new management situation which can provide a proper competition model and greatly elevate the staff’s work enthusiasm as well as staff’s sense of responsibility.