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august 13, a themed “summer in love” large-scale wedding show was held in shanghai portman ritz carlton by the jiahao group with its most influential high-end custom wedding dress brand grace kelly and its pre-wedding photography brand the queen photography on the show.

the wedding show is creative, where couples can immerse in it and feel the glamour and the effect of high-end customized wedding gowns as well as the atmosphere of a real fantastic wedding. that gives great help to the couples for choosing a wedding gown and wedding venue which they want most.

to wear a beautiful wedding gown is the most wonderful dream in the heart of every girl in love, which will be realized by the proposal and the necessary inspiration from an unparalleled wedding gown. grace kelly is definitely the right brand that can give numerous girls this inspiration. the grace kelly wedding gowns on this show are new styles with lots of fashion elements, including high-end lace, sexy fishtail hen, embroidery, beads and flower patterns on the veil. the couples at the site were deeply attracted by these high-end customized wedding gowns. choijaehoon (최재훈), the korean summit wedding gown designer, was presented on this show, whose works are warmly favored by many korean female celebrities, politicians, pop stars as well as films stars. he was repeatedly interviewed by many media in south korea and he also repeatedly was selected as the cover people of wedding21 magazine, listing on the top of naver hot search. additionally, the queen photography team also attracted many attentions, which is good at catching the most beautiful and natural moment of people’s face expression.

choijaehoon (최재훈)

the jiahao group, as a comprehensive investment group, has invested in many fields, including pre-wedding photography, high-end wedding venue and high-end custom dress as well as other fields. this splendid summer wedding show is cooperation between the jihao group and the ritz carlton. it aims to launch the grace kelly new wedding gowns and on the other hand the jiahao group can know more details of the ritz carlton wedding venue arrangement. the representative of the jiahao group said that “our group has different styles wedding banquet halls and each wedding hall has its highlight and theme. with the generations after 1990s and after 2000s stepping into marriage age, the customers of the marriage industry have higher and more special requirements on their wedding. therefore, we will keep innovation and try to find a fitting point so that we can meet the new needs of the new generation customers”.

at present, the pre-wedding photos and themed wedding have become people’s necessities. in addition, the brides-to-be have higher requirements on their wedding gown. therefore, the demands of high-end custom dresses and high-end wedding venues have become larger and larger, and the wedding venues must constantly make changes to meet this new trend. the jiahao group keeps launching new products of its wedding gown brands and continuously creates new themes for the wedding venues relying on the keen insight on the market. the jiahao group also participated in various business activities to research and create its new brands depending on its advantages. the jiahao group is looking forward a new breakthrough in the marriage industry that has a bright prospect.