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the jiahao group 2017 vendors conference was held in the asian largest island style wedding venue galleria on july 16. the themes f the meeting contains the management strategy of vendors, the current status of marriage industry and the industry’s prospect as well as how to realize the win-win situation under the present circumstances.

the jiahao group has invited 200 representatives from 80 vendors all over china, including top brands, large-scale e-commerce companies, marriage industry media platforms, social media platforms and some investment partners. this meeting gathered essential vendors and investors together, including the general manager of bc chen kai, the general manager of golden eagle group-shanghai branch cang wenqing, the sales director of sina micro blog ebs liu jie, hun li ji coo wu yi and representative of canon (china)yang kewei. the chairman of the jiahao group also attended this meeting.

thanks for the support of the vendors

the conference started from the speech of the jiahao group’s chairman allen shi that “different people gathered together because of the same concept or the same goal…..”. the vendors has accompanied the jiahao group all along to finish the reform and improvement of each process, including reform purchasing model, implementation of standardization, meticulous management, strict control of quality and elevating the purchasing procedures. in the past 8 years, the jiahao group has invested more than 30 high-end brands, and has over 150 subsidiaries with 10 billion annual revenue. at present, the jiahao group strives towards 100 billion annual revenue.

the jiahao group chairman expressed on the meeting that the jiahao group always take the vendors as its important strategic partner and provides the vendors an open platform. excellent management on vendors is a pledge to operating efficiently, ensuring good quality and creating a good reputation of products.  the jiahao group dedicates to reach a comprehensive cooperation relationship with the vendors from supplying, products quality to technology as well as other aspects.

furthermore the jiahao group timely can get rid of the incompetent suppliers which only signed the contract but never supply goods with the help of assessment system, quality evaluation system, incentive system and other related systems,. more importantly, these series systems help the jiahao group to evaluate the performance its legitimate vendors from delivery time, products quality as well as other aspects so that it can create a healthy competition environment for the vendors and ultimately achieve the overall improvement of supplying chain competitiveness.

grade assessment  think highly of excellentcontribution and exceptional progress of the vendors

adhering to fair and open principles, the jiahao group gave grade assessment for all its vendors at the conference according to performance in the past year. the scores of the grade assessment form contains the comprehensive score, purchasing departments score,  supplying degree of difficulty, scores of participated projects, referring to the assessment standards of the third party to ensure the fairness and accuracy.

at last, the jiahao group selected out three outstanding vendors among the over 80 cooperative vendors. the first one is the best contribution award winner xin bo chang group for its high quality products and excellent service as well as its long-term support to the jiahao group. the second one is the best technology award winner the korea sanfeng group for its advanced technology and innovative products. the third one is the best cooperation partner award winner the sina microblog for its great supports in the past years to the jiahao group.

in-depth management to get win-win future

in the past 9 years, the jiahao group developed form a small photography studio to a completed photography company that has set up subsidiaries all over china and then to an international company that has set up branches in many developed countries. the procurement model naturally must follow the step of its rapid development and grew into a stable and comprehensive purchasing system that covers the whole industry through the standardization and reformation of vendor management processes.

according to the jiahao groups future development strategy and especially the rapid development of domestic and global marriage industry, the procurement volume and categories will be larger and more various allen shi said. therefore, the jiahao group will enhance the management and deepen the cooperation on products innovation and optimization to open a broader space for cooperation so that it can invite more and more outstanding partners to grow and reach a bilateral benefit situation together.

build up top brand reputation under the circumstances

under the new market status, the internal competition and the relationship between supply and demand fundamentally changed. the profit margins decline and oversupply has become indeed a new normal status not just a temporary difficulty. allen shi stressed that with the aggravated internal competition and changes of consumer groups, the jiahao group will make further planning for its brands and take new strategies to stabilize its position in multiple markets to meet the new needs. synchronically, the jiahao group will take new measures to push forward the step of product promoting, product planning and product quality to achieve a new breakthrough in marketing.

at present, the marriage industry has step into a new stage that will bring new opportunities and challenges to the brands development. with the development of internet+ and the arrival of shared economy, the new data form is emerging, which center on user experience. the social media platforms will offer an unparalleled commercial model for the high-end brands in marriage industry, which will realize the overall upgrade of value chain and efficiency.

when facing the fierce competition, many companies are also keenly aware of the development potential of marriage industry and profoundly understand that the jiahao group has played an important role in the whole industry. the chairman of bc chen kai pointed out that the marriage industry is no longer a dividing a cake model, but a big tree model. that means the marriage industry needs a super leading company to bring profit and lead the related companies to make great progress. the jiahao group as the most outstanding company in the whole industry shall be confident to be the big tree to lighting the entire industry.

the chairman allen shi also expressed that under the new era of development and new economic background, the importance of channels and brands cant be overlooked. the jiahao group will take a new economic model as the starting point of its new journey and work together with all the excellent vendors here to open a new chapter for the whole marriage industry!


i’m willing to devote to one thing in the rest of my life, to stick to my career, to create new technology, to abide by an industry concept to illuminate an industry….

the jiahao people invested a lot under the leadership of the chairman over the years. as time goes by, the jiahao people work together with the partners, overcoming all obstacles. therefore we believe that the jiahao people will be able to illuminate the entire marriage industry in the coming future and achieve a new breakthrough!